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I’m done with this

Pretty sure I’m done commenting on the election. The only poll that matters is less than a week away. I may stray and toss out an occasional comment when I see something so utterly simpleminded, half-baked and downright ignorant that I just can’t hold back, but I’m going to try to not do so.

I don’t make idle threats or predictions about elections, but if I wake up next Wednesday to find that Trump will be our next president, I will seriously have to consider whether this is a country in which I want to live. I will be personally humiliated and truly scared for our future. I’m not sure what my options will be.

I’ll finish by saying that I can not fathom the hatred I see for the person who DID release her tax returns, DIDN’T file bankruptcy 4 times, has NEVER been accused of raping a minor, worked her entire life in the service of others BEFORE she made lots of money, and actually seems to LIKE the country of which she wants to become president. I just don’t get it. Fingers crossed for Tuesday. I don’t know if I can watch


For Anyone Who Compares Hillary To Donald. A Recent Facebook Conversation

Mark Kargle I hate Trump but I hate Hillary so much more, there is so much cover up it’s unreal when you have enough power and money you not accountable for anything.

Jerry Zezas You are putting Hillary, who made her money when she and Bill were out of office by giving speeches, in the same category as someone who inherited $200 mil, lost almost $1bil and wrote it off, then made his money by bankrupting casinos and using his “foundation” for political causes? Bill and Hillary are CURRENTLY worth what Donald was handed by his inheritance in 1974!

You’re comparing a woman who has spent her entire life in public service when she could have made tons of money as a high-powered lawyer, has a history of advocating for women and children, has more experience in the higher levels of government than any person alive, to a man who has spent his life doing nothing but attempting, and often failing, to line his pockets and those of anyone else named Trump?

I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about getting ripped off by something named Clinton University, have you?

You’re comparing a woman who suffered public humiliation in order to keep her marriage together to a man who has publically, and without any remorse, humiliated two wives who cannot ever talk about what he did to them for fear of lawsuits?

You’re comparing the wife of a man who was impeached for having consensual sex to a man who brags about being able to grab women’s genitals with impunity and is being charged with raping a 13-year-old? What, over some fucking emails and unproven links to some banks?

Donald Trump has spent his life beholden to banks to bail him out of his business failures, and you don’t think that they’re expecting payback once he gets into office?

You mention “money and coverups” and your finger points to Hillary before Trump?

Donald Trump and his entire family have a history of simply inheriting money and trying to make more of it. He was born on third base and people applaud him for rounding home.

Hillary started with nothing in Hope Arkansas and has made it further than any woman in history, and you have the unmitigated gall to say her name and Trump’s in the same sentence, as well as begrudging her some financial success?

Ivanka Trump has Stockholm Syndrome

I heard Ivanka Trump the other day defending her dad against accusations of sexism and racism by citing the number of blacks and women he has hired over his career. This is a typical white-privilege response to a much more complex set of issues.

White slave owners allowed their slaves to raise their children, attend to their wives, and cook their food. They allowed their black slaves to see the most intimate and vulnerable sides of their lives. But there is no question of their profound racism. Why is that?

Men who beat their wives or treat them like second-class citizens allow their wives to cook, clean, raise their children, handle money and know their innermost thoughts and weaknesses. But there is no question that wife-beating men are profoundly sexist. Why is that?

Donald Trump has likely hired hundreds if not thousands of woman and blacks over the course of his career. He has likely allowed them to handle money and potentially make decisions that could have a negative impact on the profitability of his companies. But the comments he has made about women and the fact that he “has a black person right over there” suggests that he is a profound racist and sexist. Why is that?

The simple answer to all these questions is that racism and sexism do not negate usefulness. Just because I think you’re less human than I, just because I think you’re of lower value than I, just because I believe you should have fewer freedoms and rights than I, does not mean I don’t want you to clean my toilet, or mow my lawn, or raise my children, or use whatever talents you have to put money in my pocket.

My willingness to exploit you does not trump (for want of a better word) my disdain for you.

Ivanka Trump may be what we consider an intelligent woman (at least from outward appearances) in that she’s somewhat successful at trading on her father’s name, well-educated and articulate. But who in the world could possibly have been more indoctrinated into the Trump bullshit train than she? Her doting, adoring father has used her looks to his advantage her entire life, and she, of course, believes whatever daddy says.

Stockholm Syndrome is defined by Encyclopedia Brittanica as: A psychological response wherein a captive begins to identify closely with his or her captors, as well as with their agenda and demands.

Hey, don’t take my word for it. I report, you decide.


Conservatives have very high moral standards. Just don’t ask them to demonstrate any.

When I was learning to fly some years ago, the ability to stop a plane in a very short distance when landing on a runway was a badge of honor. We would practice short-field landings and brag about how few feet we needed to get the plane on the ground and stopped. Sort of like what naval airmen do to practice carrier landings.

Well, the son of the owner of our flight school would brag that he could bring a Cessna 172 to a stop in under 1000 feet at our home airport, which had a 5000 ft runway. (that’s the part to remember in this story). His bragging would be quite irritating at times so we decided to put him to the test. We all got in our planes and flew to a local field that had a 1500 ft runway and gave him a chance to show us all how it was done. Every time he tried, he had to go around, (pilot speak for not being able to stop in time and having to apply the throttle to take off and try again). After numerous attempts he finally gave up and we all started for home. Upon our arrival, we all sat around the pilot’s lounge and ribbed him about it and asked why the short-field king had done so badly. His response was classic. He said, “I’m still the short field landing king…just not on short fields!”

That experience reminds me of the way many Conservatives view the world. To wit:

Remember when we became very concerned with the birthplace of our President?
Then came Ted Cruz, born in Canada.

Remember when cheating on your wife was grounds for impeachment?
Then came Donald Trump with multiple cheating scandals on his various wives. And David Vitter with his hookers.

Remember when first ladies were supposed to be the moral equivalent of librarians?
Then came Melania Trump posing nude.

Remember when having children out of wedlock was shameful?
Then came Sarah Palin defending Bristol’s two out-of-wedlock love-children.

Remember when Richard Nixon bragged that his wife wore a “Republican cloth coat”, to indicate what a humble man he was? (in the 1950s)
Then came Donald Trump bragging about his mansions and jets.

Remember when having errant family members was an embarrassment for a President (Roger Clinton selling drugs, Billy Carter and his beer drinking, Neil Bush losing $1 billion in the bank he ran)?
Then comes Ted Cruz bragging that his father ran out on his mother, defended Castro, then found Jesus.

The point to all this is not that Progressives are any better than Conservatives. They’re not. We’ve had more than our share of scandals. The point is that Conservatives constantly claim the moral high ground. They claim to be the most patriotic and ready to defend the country, but not a single Repub candidate has served in the military. They claim to be the party of morals, but they have had an equal amount of sex scandals as Progressives.

Has anyone ever taken a poll outside a Planned Parenthood office and ask how many of the women seeking birth control are Conservatives? How about abortion clinics? Does anyone want to bet that just as many Conservatives are “baby killers” as Progressives? Go down to the Food Stamp center and see if they’re all Progressives since good Conservatives ostensibly “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”.

I talked to a died-in-the-wool, lifelong Conservative the other day who had his lower leg in a cast. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he’d been injured and that the doctors had injected stem-cells into the muscles to facilitate healing. I asked him how he could reconcile his party’s stance against stem-cell research while he as benefitting from it.

His lack of introspection was revealed in his glib response. “Progress”, was what he said. Interesting choice of words, wouldn’t you say?

Donald Trump, China and Hen Houses.

I heard Donald Trump again this morning complaining that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are owned by the billionaires and international business people, which is what will presumably make them beholden to those types, selling the country out so that those sinister individuals can profit.

Out of the other side of his mouth Trump has said, repeatedly that he will never be in the pockets of these billionaires and international business people because it is one of them himself, and he has paid for politicians to do his bidding for him in the past. Of this he has bragged quite often.

OK, 5,4,3,2,1…

So doesn’t it make sense that Donald Trump is the wet dream of every billionaire and international business person for the simple reason that through him, all these oligarchs and monopolists no longer have to spend so much money buying politicians? They will just put one of their own in the White House. Trump!

It’s as if we were electing one of the Koch brothers for President. We are basically giving them a shortcut to controlling every aspect of our lives, through market manipulation, price fixing and enacting trade legislation which favors them, not the U.S. Koch Industries, as well as Donald Trump do business all over the world. It makes no difference to them if the money comes here or to China, since they both do business in China.

Sheldon Adelson is a staunch Conservative and mega-billionaire casino operator in, among other places, Macau, which is a protectorate of China. Anything that favors China favors him. Trump and the Koch brothers are the same way. Their allegiances are to their corporate bottom lines, and they care not which in country they make their money.

To give you an example of how this works, the fact that China recently devalued their currency has been traumatic for the U.S. stock market, but a major benefit for Adelson, who will now benefit from increased tourism due to the cheaper Chinese currency and the fact that his dollars will now pay for a lot more Yuan than it did before. Land will be cheaper, as will building materials and labor.

People like this can invest in any country in which they chose and trade any currency that is currently cheap. It is not, ever, in their interest for the United States economy to do well other than for their U.S. investments. That’s all they care about. If they’re heavily invested in Europe, that is where their financial allegiance lies, patriotism be damned.

Donald Trump as President would not only be the fox guarding the hen house…he would be living in it and collecting rent from the chickens…

Crazies On Both Sides? Nope…

Some on the right, when confronted with the idiocy of many Repub presidential candidates, try to level the intellectual playing field by saying things like “there are crazies on both sides”. They are trying to elevate the right-wing’s particularly vitriolic radical dweezles to that of a thoughtful intellectual who just happens to have some unusual ideas.

Nuh-uh, folks.

There is no leftie counterweight to Donald Trump. Even Bernie Sanders, who has been referred to as “an old Bolshevik” has not said anything to counter-balance Donald Trumps comments about Mexicans and other immigrants. Even Bernie hasn’t made comments disparaging people like John McCain who allowed himself to be tortured rather than reveal information about US troop movements. For Bernie to be as radical as Trump he would have to be a full-blown Communist, which no one who actually thinks about these things would ever believe.

Why does this matter? Well, it wouldn’t save for one important fact. At least for now, a majority of Repubs think this guy would make a good President. He’s leading in the polls! Much like Herman Cain, the pizza guy, and Newt Gingrich led in the polls in 2012. Much like Sarah Palin was leading in the polls in 2008. Repubs are apparently willing, even temporarily, to place upon a political pedestal those who spew the most hatred with the least intelligence. And they do it often.

When a group of people, even for a short period of time, are willing to get behind this hateful braggart, this self-promoting bagpipe of a man, this man who thinks that refusing to back down from any comment, regardless how ridiculous makes him look decisive, then we must question the cognitive abilities of that group.

No folks, although some attitudes may be considered far-left or extremely liberal, nothing compares with the man who Repubs currently favor as their next President.

And that, my friends, says more about them than it does about him.

Donald Trump and his Golf Courses-Perfect Together

During my time in the landscaping industry, I came across many for whom golf was an important component of their leisure. Many people consider this sport to be one of high caliber, reserved for those who can afford leisure time during the week, or else are willing to get in line on weekends, depending on where you play. The cost of entry to this world can be quite high at times; in some cases, for private clubs, well into 6-figures.

Many, especially here in Florida, actually buy houses built on golf courses, so that they may play virtually every day, and socialize with others of their ilk. The wearing of pastels appears to be a prerequisite to this lifestyle, mainly because I can’t imagine any other reason to do so.

When I hear news of Donald Trump and his various success stories, I find that much of his legacy revolves around two things: buildings and golf courses. When I realized this the other day, it gave me some insight into this man and the things that appear to be important to him, and possibly others of his mentality.

Buildings, even those gaudy monuments to himself that Trump is known for, typically serve some kind of purpose. Housing, shops and offices tend to be useful to virtually everyone since everyone lives somewhere, shops somewhere and, hopefully, works somewhere. They displace natural environments in favor of glass and concrete, but presumably they serve some genuine purpose for society.

Golf courses, on the other hand, are for nothing but games. They serve no one other than those fortunate enough to become members. They tend, at least in Trump’s world, to be built on beautiful landscapes with ocean backdrops and gorgeous vistas, ensuring that no one other than members will be able to experience those backdrops and vistas again. Golf courses destroy the natural environment and replace them with conjured-up “natural” environments of high-maintenance grasses, artificial lakes, and only enough trees to make it look natural but not get in the way of long drives.

These outdoor adult playrooms denude the land, absorb billions of gallons of fresh, drinking quality water that is taken from farmers and reservoirs, and subsequently pour million of tons of phosphorus and nitrogen (from the fertilizers they use) into lakes and streams. All so that old white guys (and some women) can hit a little ball into a little hole.

Donald Trump has built or manages 16 golf courses all over the world. Click here to see them

Golf courses are functionally frivolous, serve little purpose to anyone other than wealthy white people, and destroy everything in their wake while doing so.

Are you surprised that Donald Trump builds so many?



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