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Gerald (Jerry) Zezas has been interested in business philosophy for 40 years. His education is in Business Administration with concentrations in Management and Marketing. He has long been an advocate of taking a creative approach to the more mundane practices of business leadership. He thinks that most small business is conducted in a manner that is both amateurish and pompous.`

He thinks that most of the money spent on advertising and marketing by small businesses is wasted on dime-store psychology and is totally ineffective. He also thinks the concept of “branding” for small companies is a hoax.

One of his biggest peeves (which he will write about soon) is owners of small, privately held companies who call themselves CEOs.

One of the most intelligent business philosophies he has ever heard was spoken by Jeff Bezos of Amazon: “Start with customers and work backward”.

Jerry lives with his wife, children and grandchildren in Florida. He is an MBA and is currently a doctoral candidate.



  1. ignatz says:

    what fucking dribble ridden self important garbage you write did you sleep with your mother or did you just want to?

  2. Ignatz says:

    And you’re too much of a little girl to permit all posts to automatically and immediately appear on your blog. You control them and review them, and decide if they’re not too embarrassing to post. If they are, you delete them. What a coward. What an intellectual midget. You’re a loser. Get off the internet.

    • Hey, Andy, I wasn’t aware that you were a follower. I’m complimented. I can tell its you by the recycled insults. Its really low-rent man, you should get a thesaurus, really. That way you could learn a few new words that aren’t in your “word of the day calendar”.

      And no, I don’t control what responses appear on my blog, its done by a bot that filters out imbeciles. Seems to have worked.

      Also, coward, intellectual midget and loser are not very original. But keep working at it. You’ll come up with an insult sooner or later that actually stings.

      Finally, “get off the internet” betrays an absolute dearth of knowledge of the internet. But it is really cute to see you try very hard to insult me. Kinda like a 5 year-old punching me in the knee. It’s really adorable.

      Oh, and Dennis tried to do your bidding for you. I guess you needed backup, huh? Didn’t work. I will continue to say what I want, especially to piss you and your ilk off as much as possible.

      Hey, by the way, speaking of misplaced sanctimony, how’s the girlfriend?


      I’m sure that the blindingly hilarious irony is lost on you that someone who, donning a fake identity, accuses someone who puts his full name on his blog, of cowardice. I couldn’t have made up a better irony than that. Congratulations.

      Yeah, Ignatz, what you did was SOOOOO brave-being ashamed to use your own name. That’s been your M.O. your whole life, hasn’t it? I’m sure your parents would have been proud. Except if they knew all the shit that I know about you.

      Actually, the more I think about it, if I communicated at the level of Duck Dynasty, I’d want to hide my identity as well.

      See ya kid. (Ignatz, huh?)

  3. Ignatz says:

    Mr. Integrity: You keep deleting my posts. Are you afraid your 3 or 4 readers will find out the truth about you, your background, your, uh, business success (that’s a joke…Business for Smart People…for Losers!), your boyfriends, your failed relationships….need I continue. If you really are the ethic and moral blogger who’s out there saying it like it really is, like you proclaim, you’ll finally be a man, probably for the first time in your life, and publish the post I sent you days ago. But, we already know that you won’t. You probably took the money from your dead mother…you self righteous asshole! You have no balls at all and are overdue for your sex change.

  4. Ignatz says:

    You’ve proven my point! Make sure you swallow all of it!

    • You’re really cute. Keep going, the real you gets further revealed in every sentence. You forget that some of what you say might actually concern me if I had any respect for your opinion, I do not, Mr Strong Greek Man. What a laugh. Your insults are straight from Keansburg High, and equally as well thought out.

      Oh, by the way, I will delete or not delete whatever I feel like. Nothing you say influences me, nothing.

  5. Bill says:

    I just found these things & like them so far as I have read. I agree with the small business CEO thing, and my “pet peeve” has always been the “house sellers” who try and embellish their importance & expertise by such silly titles as : William Smith, Realtor, Member of the Million Dollar Round Table, CXE, MPLK, JHN, RETD, and etc. You SELL HOUSES—OK ??

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