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Why Are We Investigating Trump?


For whoever is wondering what, in detail, the entire Trump/Russian thing is all about, or has Repub friends who question its value, read on:

1. There is incontrovertible proof that Russians targeted and successfully hacked the servers of over 109 Hillary campaign operatives in 2016. This may or may not be a crime and is nothing that likely hasn’t been tried before, but never to this degree. Trump is not implicated in any of this.

2. This directly benefitted Donald Trump’s campaign, by disparaging Hillary with fake news stories (like Pizzagate where she was accused of running a child prostitution ring), but does not indicate that Trump, himself, did anything wrong. The Russians may have just hated Hillary so badly that they wanted her to lose. Trump is not implicated in any of this.
3. Now the question becomes, why. Why did the Russians pick THIS election to try to influence who becomes president of the United States. Now we start looking for correlation of occurrences.

4. Trump had, and currently has, billions of dollars of business in Russia. He has built golf courses all over Russia. His family wants to keep doing business with Russia. This still does not implicate him in any wrongdoing, but raises justifiable suspicions.

5. He owes $300 million to Deutsche Bank, which has recently been fined $6 billion by an American court for laundering Russian drug money. This still does not implicate Trump in any wrongdoing, but raises justifiable suspicions.

6. His cabinet is a who’s who of people who have done and continue to do business with the Russians. Every single person in his cabinet has a history of doing business with Russian oligarchs, Putin, and banks that have been well-known havens for Russian drug money, such as in Turkey and Cypress.

7. When you look at all of the above, Trump has been convicted of absolutely nothing yet, much as Hillary has never, after 8 investigations, been convicted of a single thing. But Repubs had no problem carrying the “Benghazi” and “Emails” banner for the last 4 years, accusing her of the most minor of crimes.

Trump has not been proven to have done anything wrong, yet. If you think that the facts I’ve stated above do not warrant thorough and on-going investigation of Trump and his minions, then you are simply the worst example of a partisan hack extant. Your opinion lacks any semblance of objectivity, and your opinion is irrelevant.


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