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President by technicality

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I am not in the “not my president” camp. You only get to decide who your president will be on election day at the polls. After that, like it or not, he’s your president, the proof of which is that he can sign bills that directly affect your life.

I will acknowledge, however, that he didn’t get elected in the traditional manner. Donald Trump is president as a result of what is essentially a constitutional technicality. It’s basically in the fine print. That doesn’t make it any less valid, but it does make it less palatable.

And so my friends, the only consolation that I can offer regarding a president who became so by virtue of a technicality, is that there are few of those technicalities which can make a person president, but there are thousands upon thousands that can end that presidency.

Let’s hope that the news media continues the wonderful job they’ve been doing by trying to find as many of them as possible.


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