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Who, exactly, elected Trump?

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We all understand that anxiety associated with a Trump presidency. We also know that he was duly elected as a result of a constitutional vagary that allows the Electoral College to vote for the president based on delegates and not the popular vote. It’s been that way for 250 years and it is thoroughly legitimate, irrespective your personal feelings.

But yesterday, on this or that radio show, I heard some self-congratulatory goon state unequivocally that “the American people chose Donald Trump and his policies, and the American people want him to do what he’s doing”.

Just to clarify, as I said above, I can’t and don’t doubt his legitimacy as president, much as I would like to. But don’t let anyone tell you that the American people chose him. They did not. They chose Hillary by nearly 3 million votes, irrespective the unproven and frankly idiotic rantings by Trump about illegal votes. Everyone knows that those claims are bullshit and will never be investigated for fear that they’ll be disproven.

To sum up. Yup, Trump is the president for the next four years. But not because the American people chose him.


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