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The reason that Atheists don’t criticize Islam

I’ve often seen the question asked why Atheists are “afraid” to criticize Islam. This question appears, on its face, to be justified, since I often find my fellow Atheists fully engaged in criticizing Christianity but throttling back when it comes to Islam. Why is that?

I’m a balls-to-the-wall Atheist and condemn all the hatred that comes from all religion. On the other hand, if religion is going to exist (and it will), then hating a religion for doing the exact things that your “home” religion did hundreds of years ago is hypocrisy.

It isn’t so much that we’re afraid to condemn Islam. We just don’t want it to appear that we’re juxtaposing it with Christianity, with Christianity coming out on top, because we believe Christianity to be at least as bad as Islam. For that reason, we refrain from criticizing Islam as long as our own country espouses so-called “Christian” values.

It’s as if your father beats his wife, yet so does mine. If I were to publicly condemn your father, your quite reasonable response might be, “How can you criticize my father when your’s does the same thing?” I guess it comes under the heading of “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”

Islam is no better or worse than Christianity, Buddism (did you know that there are Buddist terrorists in Myanmar?) or any other religion. For those of us who live in what some believe to be a Christian nation, it’s hard to cast the first stone.


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  1. Ask Me says:

    Christianity is being shoved down our throats, not Islam. If Islam is ever forced upon us, then I will start criticizing it, too.

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