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I’m done with this

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Pretty sure I’m done commenting on the election. The only poll that matters is less than a week away. I may stray and toss out an occasional comment when I see something so utterly simpleminded, half-baked and downright ignorant that I just can’t hold back, but I’m going to try to not do so.

I don’t make idle threats or predictions about elections, but if I wake up next Wednesday to find that Trump will be our next president, I will seriously have to consider whether this is a country in which I want to live. I will be personally humiliated and truly scared for our future. I’m not sure what my options will be.

I’ll finish by saying that I can not fathom the hatred I see for the person who DID release her tax returns, DIDN’T file bankruptcy 4 times, has NEVER been accused of raping a minor, worked her entire life in the service of others BEFORE she made lots of money, and actually seems to LIKE the country of which she wants to become president. I just don’t get it. Fingers crossed for Tuesday. I don’t know if I can watch



  1. Bill & Mary says:


    You have absolutely hit the nail on the head with this post. Bill and I feel exactly the same way. In fact I have days when I find it difficult to put one foot in front of the other I am so depressed over this madness. Our country is at stake here and it will never be the same again if Trump gets in. America as we know it will cease to exist! Have you posted this on FB and if so can I share it on my page? We too will be watching the election results next week probably with one eye closed.

    All the best to you and family,


  2. Bill & Mary says:

    Yeah it’s pretty depressing. Where do we meet for a good ole falling-down drunken sorrowfest? Toronto? Abaco? Buenos Aires or Nairobi? I do believe they all have their peculiar problems. I agree that things could go horribly wrong next Tuesday, but we’ve been close to disaster before, as pleasant a thought as that is. Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson and Nixon come to mind. My fear is that this present situation bears a scary resemblance to the post-WW-1 Weimar Republic in Germany, and we know how that turned out. It will probably be a squeaker but Hillary seems destined to be our next President, and hopefully she’ll have a Congress who will work with her. That’s our best case scenario. Worst case (apart from a Trump win) is she will have to deal with a Trump-inspired violent insurgency, and if she has a recalcitrant Congress then she’ll be forced to rule by decree. She’ll be forced into something close to our first dictatorship, suspension of the Constitution etc., whether she wants to or not, a modern version of Lincoln facing the Civil War (Trump would be Jackson on steroids). The really awful fact of modern life is that today we have more potentially destructive power in just one of our aircraft carriers than all of humanity’s armies put together in all of our Earth’s history. Pissiness on the part of just a small handful of our leaders could easily end it all, and for the first time in our history that possibility exists. God, where’s that liquor bottle?


  3. bluedoor8 says:

    On the boat with all of you. Might I suggest Abaco? At least we have property there and we could quickly construct a commune, drink rum, fish and laugh at the angry idiots across the pond. Jerry, I don’t always comment, but I do love your writing, your opinions and all your posts. Thanks for keeping it real and giving us hope that sanity still resides in a few. Best to you.

  4. jerryzezas says:

    OK, the commune thing I’m on board with. I know how to tie-dye!

  5. Bill & Mary says:

    A little rough but basically correct. We created this country by rebelling against our British overlords, for good reasons, but promptly and with no regard for rule of law, seized the properties of any loyalist we could find, often threw them out of town tarred and feathered to run for their lives to the Bahamas and Canada, or to take refuge in the Spanish Southeast. It took a Civil War to make slavery illegal and many more years to undo Jim Crow and racial discrimination. In the meantime we tried very hard to kill off native peoples and create the same colonial system we had once fought to get rid of (the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, Samoa, Hawaii to name a few), and tried very hard to turn other countries into our personal playgrounds or raw suppliers, so the White Christian Americans could enjoy the fruits of what we boasted of, a democratic, representative Republic governed by what we thought was an iron-clad Constitution. Our Supreme Court is still fully occupied interpreting and deciding on matters that we thought had been figured out over 200 years ago. No, we’re not the greatest country in the world, but which one is? As Churchill once observed “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the rest”. The greatest danger we face is that an articulate, fiery charlatan is going to appear as the Great Leader who will take all the mistakes we have made, scrub them out of our history, and lead us into a 21st Century American Renaissance we don’t need or simply can’t possibly afford or achieve. We’ll believe this megalomaniac because he says what we’ve dreamed of. “Look at that shiny city on that hill! It belongs to you! You deserve it, because you’re good, and your other leaders have stopped you from owning it!” He fails to point out that first we have to work together, sweat, and lighten up on some of our self-imposed loads before we can get to the top of that tall mountain, which might already be occupied. Recognize this guy?


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