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For Anyone Who Compares Hillary To Donald. A Recent Facebook Conversation

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Mark Kargle I hate Trump but I hate Hillary so much more, there is so much cover up it’s unreal when you have enough power and money you not accountable for anything.

Jerry Zezas You are putting Hillary, who made her money when she and Bill were out of office by giving speeches, in the same category as someone who inherited $200 mil, lost almost $1bil and wrote it off, then made his money by bankrupting casinos and using his “foundation” for political causes? Bill and Hillary are CURRENTLY worth what Donald was handed by his inheritance in 1974!

You’re comparing a woman who has spent her entire life in public service when she could have made tons of money as a high-powered lawyer, has a history of advocating for women and children, has more experience in the higher levels of government than any person alive, to a man who has spent his life doing nothing but attempting, and often failing, to line his pockets and those of anyone else named Trump?

I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about getting ripped off by something named Clinton University, have you?

You’re comparing a woman who suffered public humiliation in order to keep her marriage together to a man who has publically, and without any remorse, humiliated two wives who cannot ever talk about what he did to them for fear of lawsuits?

You’re comparing the wife of a man who was impeached for having consensual sex to a man who brags about being able to grab women’s genitals with impunity and is being charged with raping a 13-year-old? What, over some fucking emails and unproven links to some banks?

Donald Trump has spent his life beholden to banks to bail him out of his business failures, and you don’t think that they’re expecting payback once he gets into office?

You mention “money and coverups” and your finger points to Hillary before Trump?

Donald Trump and his entire family have a history of simply inheriting money and trying to make more of it. He was born on third base and people applaud him for rounding home.

Hillary started with nothing in Hope Arkansas and has made it further than any woman in history, and you have the unmitigated gall to say her name and Trump’s in the same sentence, as well as begrudging her some financial success?


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