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Happy for Hillary

The more I hear Trump speak, the happier I am that we nominated Hillary. To the politically naive, ideology trumps logic. To the politically savvy, pragmatism and compromise rule the day.

Those of us who have seen more than one campaign understand the concept of “moving to the center”. It’s what candidates do once they’ve won the nomination. The reason they do that is because most Americans don’t like radicalism. They prefer a reasoned, calming voice. Trump is a radical, as is Sanders.

Those in the middle who lean one way or the other will prefer, if they must vote for a radical, to vote for one whose ideology more closely comports with theirs. Given the choice, however, they are likely to vote for someone closer to the middle, as they are.

Virtually no one who is leaning toward Trump’s radicalism would ever imagine shifting so far left as to vote for Bernie-but it’s a much shorter distance from Trump to Hillary since Hillary started in the middle.

For those who truly feel that Trump is an embarrassment to thinking people everywhere, Bernie was never even remotely an option. Staying home is.

Elections aren’t won by “revolutionaries”, whether real or imaginary. They are won by those who display the ability to lead, and a thorough understanding of the subject matter which requires that leadership.


Both sides are not at fault. It was started by just one side…

To those who dismissively talk about how no one should die, how all killings are wrong, how we should all just get along, etc., I hate to be so cynical, but the reality of the race problems in this country is the fact that those problems were started by just one of those races. It was not a mutual disagreement, not a civil war, not two countries disputing a border. It was one race which subjugated, and in many cases continues to subjugate, the other.

Its hard to me to reconcile any of these killings. But one type of the killings that have occurred over the last week is generally in retaliation for the other. And you know which is which.

The problem is the way that we pull people over

Maybe part of the problem is the fundamental method that police use to stop motorists. Typically, the police want you to stay in your car, after which they approach with some degree of trepidation, and hope that you don’t pull a gun on them.

Why not announce on the PA system in the patrol car, “Please step out of your car with your licence and registration and move to the curb”?

Wouldn’t that serve to eliminate the problem of cops who think they see furtive movements inside the car, causing them to react with force?

Wouldn’t it be better to ask the driver to get out of the car, and if he refuses, to call for backup, before shooting out of fear?

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