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Is the media biased to the left?

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The question of whether the “media” is, in fact, left-wing leaning is an easy one to answer. That answer is yes. The question as to why is the complex one, but not too complex to understand if one takes a logical approach to it.

First, one must ask if the media is liberally biased because those who work in that industry started out that way, and just coincidentally decided to work in media. Obversely, one might ask if those who work in media started out as either conservatives or so-called independents, and were then persuaded to become liberals as a result of their experiences.

It seems to me that the news media, with such close access to those in government and politics, can only become liberal in their views because they see that to be the most righteous path. They see the back room goings on and sausage-making of governing, and can see, first hand, who is being duplicitous and who it being forthright and honest. They become Liberals because they see truths that we will never see, partly because they are not allowed to disclose all they see, for political reasons.

Now, one might ask, “what about Fox ‘News’”. To those people, I would reply, “what about it?” If you’re using Fox as a counterweight to my argument, then you are disproving the right’s contention that the media is biased to the left, by simple virtue of the fact that Fox exists. My argument is somewhat different, in that I do not elevate Fox to the level of news media. Roger Ailes, Chairman, and CEO of Fox “News” and former consultant for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Rudy Giuliani, once said of his management style at Fox that he watches it with the sound off. This might be indicative of why Fox is rife with hot blondes in short skirts. The fact that anything which purports to be a news organization is managed and judged more for its appearance than its content is all one needs to know about its veracity and allegiance to a particular political view.

Fox is not and never has been about news. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply not paying attention.

The real media, the men and women who pound the pavement to find out how government really works and whether or not it’s working on our behalf, from Edward R Murrow to Robert Trout, to Walter Cronkite, to Dan Rather, to Chris Matthews to W. Kamau Bell, are Liberals. And we should be proud and gratified that they are.


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  1. Bill Cadiz says:

    What we consider the “Press” has swung wildly from left to right, asinine to absurd, from Aristotle to Josephus and past Franklin and Paine to our modern versions of Hearst and Pulitzer. Buried in the middle somewhere is reason and information, but I don’t believe we’ve ever had a totally unbiased source of information. What we need to recognize is that some media, if not all, is often the mouthpiece of some guy with an agenda and the money to back it up. When we accept the fact that Fox News, for example, is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same self-absorbed, right-wing Aussie who had his British employees hack the phones of the Royals, we’ll realize the futility of believing anything Fox puts out. It’s a damn TV show, with Murdoch’s personal quirks thrown in! Of course we can accuse Ted Turner and Sumner Redstone of doing the same. There’s an inherent bias in all “news”, and we need to remind ourselves constantly that lurking just below the surface of our favorite paper or TV media is a profit-producing industry that invariably reflects the often narrow views of a single individual, who might or might not have a sincere wish to be true to the 1st. Amendment. Talk about power! Goebbels would have wet himself with glee. This is why we need to read at least three books on any one subject to begin getting a reasonable grasp of what the hell happened. We’ll find that there is no “Liberal” or “Conservative” in raw truth.

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