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Flint water contamination and black kids going to jail-Perfect Together.

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Here is a checklist of possible neuropsychological problems associated with lead when ingested by children:

Delayed language or motor milestones (infant, toddler)
Poor speech articulation
Poor language understanding or usage
Problems maintaining attention in school or home
High activity level (hyperactivity)
Problems with learning and remembering new information
Rigid, inflexible problem-solving abilities
Delayed general intellectual abilities
Learning problems in school (reading, language, math, writing)
Problems controlling behavior (e.g., aggressive, impulsive)
Problems with fine or gross motor coordination

Poor Academic Learning and Performance:
Learning Disabilities
Problems Paying Attention
Disorganized Approach to Learning
Poor Work Completion
Increased Risk to Drop Out
Poor Social Relationships:
Communication Deficits
Impulsive, Hyperactive Behavior
Problems Sharing and Taking Turns
Increased Aggression
Increased Need for Adult Supervision

I know it seems wrong, but there is an opportunity for a ground-breaking social experiment happening right now…

If all the kids who have been contaminated by the lead from the drinking water in Flint, Mich are identified and have their family histories and medical records retrieved, they can be tracked and monitored for nearly the rest of their lives.

Then, when they are in their teens and twenties, we can identify which, if any, have criminal backgrounds, family cohesion issues and others of the social ills often assigned to black people from inner cities.

Although this might be considered cold-hearted and calculating, it might, if my predictions are true, prove how many inner city children are destined for a life of hardship due to the environment prevalent during their childhood.

I’m curious as to what percentage of these kids will end up being societal throwaways when they get older. I suspect that if we don’t start monitoring them now, we’ll forget how and why many of them ended up in jail.


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