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This is Why Hillary Will Be Our Next President


To anyone who is unfamiliar with Opposition Research, it is the task of finding everything there is to know about a candidate in an effort to undermine him or her in an election. Vast numbers of workers are hired for this task by every candidate, not only to undermine their opponents but to find out what information is available on their own candidate, in an effort to have rapid responses to any embarrassing questions which may be posed when the opposing candidates reveal each other’s dirty secrets.

The people who do this job spend their days at county, state and federal courthouses and record-keeping agencies perusing voting records, military files, college grades, credit card receipts, marriage and divorce documents and whatever else they can find which may lead to information about a proclivity for young boys, old women, or anything else potentially embarrassing. It is a multi-million dollar industry and all candidates partake in it.

What does this have to do with Hillary? Simple. All the oppo research that will ever be done about her has been done and the information released. And she still leads in the polls.

You may have noticed that not a single scandal about Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump has made the news. Not even the fact that Trumps wife posed nude all over Europe before marrying Trump! Folks, it’s not that these guys are both squeaky clean-it’s because Hillary is keeping her powder dry.

If Bernie was to become a real threat, Hillary’s attack machine will come out in full force and go after all of Bernie’s peccadillos, and don’t be so naive to think that he hasn’t any-he does. If Trump were to become the nominee, no one has yet spoken at length about his bankruptcies, dirty deals for government contracts, infidelity, three marriages and how he helped cut his dead brother’s family out of his father’s estate of over $20 million. All this information is in a file at Hillary headquarters, just waiting for the right time to come out swinging.

Unfair you say? Really? Do you know a single candidate in the history of the Presidency who has had more trash written about her and her family than Hillary? AND SHE’S STILL AT THE TOP OF THE POLES.

This is how real politics works, folks, and it is why we need experience in the White House. Watch this space, and watch Hillary come to the center of the ring loaded for bear.



  1. Ask Cara says:

    I like Bernie better.

  2. jerryzezas says:

    Yeah, I’ll vote for him if he’s nominated. But I don’t think he will be

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