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“The bible will humble you, and a gun will tumble you”. That’s in quotations because it’s not original, but I can’t remember where I heard it, so there’s no attribution. Sorry.

I’ve concluded that religion and guns are opposite sides of the same coin. They both purport to protect those who fear the most fundamental aspects of life.

One pretends to protect you from the wrath of your fellow man. The other pretends to protect you from the wrath of that which you’ve been persuaded is your savior. How ironic that you’d feel the need for protection from either.

Both suggest that life is an entitlement. Neither has ever been able to prove it.

I’ve never checked, but I’d bet quite a sum that the overwhelming majority of the NRA membership self-identifies as Christian. On Facebook they can usually be found clicking away in pious outrage. I know. I am the recipient of more than my fair share of it.

To many of my Christian friends, that may reek of irrelevance. To me, well..


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