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The Conservative View of the Future of the United States

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  • If a bird shits on your car, eat chicken for dinner. It's like how the Mafia kills your relatives if you cross them. Kinda. 2 days ago
  • If a bird shits on your car, eat chicken for dinner. It's like how the Mafia kills your relatives if you cross them. Kinda. 2 days ago
  • They had morale? 2 days ago

I’m pretty convinced that Conservatives see the future as follows:

They have no problem with the fact that their racism might be playing into the hands of ISIS and other terrorists. It’s of no concern to them since they see the future US as an isolationist, Judeo/Christian “caliphate” (for want of a better word). This new nation would have border walls and troops at every entry point.

In it, blacks, Mexicans, gays and existing Muslims would be marginalized in some manner, either by expulsion or by forced separation from the general population.

Ideologies such as Communism, Socialism or anything other than Capitalism (which is not a political ideology but an economic one) would be institutionally marginalized as well, and what we like to call Democracy (ours is not a pure Democracy but a representative one) would prevail.

We would continue to allow the illusion of safety emanating from gun ownership to prevail, with the requisite deaths of children and family members considered to be a necessary cost of that illusion of safety.

Those who claimed to embrace one religious dogma or the other would be the standard bearers of society, and those aspiring to leadership positions would be required to prove their devotion to one divine entity or another, but Christianity would be the prevailing belief system.

History would be cleansed, with the Confederate flag reinstated as a proud historical artifact. In schools, children would be taught that Reagan single-handedly destroyed the Soviet Union and that the US defeated Germany in WWII. George Bush would be forgiven for starting two wars because he “kept us safe”.

Military service would be the highest aspiration of those without the wherewithal to achieve financial wealth, and soldiers would be revered in all walks of life. Once they left military service, however, the most they could expect is a patronizing, obsequious, “thank you for your service”, and would be marginalized as having been used up and of no further value to society.

The best citizens would not complain about governmental monitoring of their movements since they would have “nothing to hide”.

Presidential aspirants would be judged on how much money they’d made in the private sector, or on their military successes, and actual intelligence and education would be discounted as untrustworthy and elitist. Their ability to engage in “plain talk” and their success at being “just like us” would be one of the primary tests of worthiness for public office.

This, my friends, is what will happen if we continue down this trajectory. We’ve got a Conservative Congress and Supreme Court. We must try very hard to reverse that and to maintain the White House.

I don’t care if it’s Bernie or Hillary, but we must not waste our votes.


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  1. Ask Cara says:

    I agree with you. I like Bernie better though.

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