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Buy a Congressman, Stop Gun Violence

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A real solution to our gun problem. No, really.

With people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet promising to give away their fortunes for the benefit of humanity, I just realized that they could, collectively, do more to help humanity by giving their money to Senators and Congressmen.

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The NRA spends about $30 million per year on lobbying. I don’t know how much ends up in the hands of these Repub cowards, but let’s say that every bit of it does, for arguments sake. $30 million goes directly into the campaign coffers of Repub Senators and Congressmen.

If Zuckerberg, Gates and Buffet, among others, formed a consortium and offered to match every dime of NRA funds for every elected official who publicly swears off taking NRA money, we could break the back of the NRA tomorrow, and those guys wouldn’t even feel it.

It might also prove that the NRA is nothing but a shill for the gun industry and destroy them in the process.

We could “buy back” our legislators, and then, unless I miss my guess, many of them would feel safe in voting for better gun control legislation.


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