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If I have to hear one more person laugh in a contrived, self-deprecating manner about how they don’t know anything about technology, I’m going to smash their mobile phone.

Nearly every day I run into people who either don’t know, or claim not to know, anything about computers or technology. Many of these people are in their 50s and 60s, yet act as if they are so far beyond help in this field that their is no hope for them. I’m bored with these people.

Computers, in their current form, have been around since the mid-1980s. Although they are considerably faster and more efficient than before, the fundamentals are the same. There are word processors, browsers, spreadsheets and music services now, just as there were then. Not too much has changed.

Yet at least half the people I meet and work with have little knowledge of Word, Excel, how to set up a new email address or fix a simple computer glitch. (which is usually just a matter of rebooting).

Ask them to network a printer, upload something to the cloud, adjust their mouse’s scrolling or their screen resolution and they’re clueless.

Now, I know that I’m a bit of a nerd with this stuff, but I’m not asking them to replace a video card or format a drive, much less write code. I’m just wondering how long they’ll keep using their cutesy “I’m totally ignorant of that stuff” or “I’ve got to ask my grandson how to do that stuff” before they realize that it’s no longer as cute as they think it is.

Folks, it’s cute to be stupid in high school. It makes you appear to be contrarian and unconcerned with society’s demands. It can make you appear to be rebellious and creative in your mannerism, one who “makes his own rules”. Yeah, the Vinnie Barbarino attitude used to impress the girls in high school. But for those of you who are no longer kids, don’t you think it’s time to stop bragging about ignorance? It’s getting tedious and it’s just not funny anymore. It doesn’t make you look like a “regular person”.

It makes you look stupid.


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