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Fundamental Attribution Error Re-visited



I understand everything about this…Ok, I don’t, but it’s really cool to think about.

Oh yeah, Creationists, here’s something. If you thought that changing one’s mind means you don’t know what you’re talking about, you don’t get it. You see, people who believe in science don’t need to make up answers to things. It’s the questions that fascinate us more. The need to have the universe “make sense” and all that drivel is…just that. It’s the inquiry into the facts that matter to us. The universe does not make sense to us. How cool is that?!

Glib, grade-school conclusions like people made from ribs and virgin births are fun for picture books, but they are not answers, they are merely responses. Like when George Bush said that Iraqi oil would pay for the war. See what I mean?

Conclusions make things nice and simple, but not when they’re driven by the question. Then they just obfuscate. We’re perfectly OK knowing that we really have no “purpose” here. We’re just a gnat getting a ride on the back of a big old sheepdog, and nothing more. The fact that we invented cell phones and delivery pizza does not render us above insects, other than that we get to text each other while eating really bad food.

Creationists are guilty of what I call fundamental attribution error. They were born on 3rd base and pat themselves on the back for hitting home runs, but they’re not even sure how many bases there are!

Evolutionists appreciate the fact that the world may be more complex than most of us can grasp, and we marvel at it.

Nowhere in that timeline does it say, “Adam and Eve created —>here”

Because they weren’t.


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