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The Ferguson Effect and Other Excuses for Bad Police Work

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FBI Director James B Comey recently offered some insights into policing in the United States as a result of increased media and public scrutiny of police.

The Article Is Here

From the article:

“Comey’s remarks also bore a strong resemblance to a theory some law enforcement officials have referred to as the “Ferguson effect” — that increased scrutiny on police departments makes officers less pro-active and increases crime.

“They told me, ‘We feel like we’re under siege and we don’t feel much like getting out of cars,’”

What we are now seeing the proof that cops have had it way too good way too long. We’re now seeing the evidence that cops are apparently the only group in the world which decides when it will and won’t do a good job, irrespective of their job description and the reason they get paid.

They’re telling us that if we watch them, if we monitor them, if we closely follow how they do their jobs, well…that’s just too much for them to handle, and so they might not “feel much like getting out of cars”.

This doesn’t worry me folks. This is all part of the cleaning-out process. We have apparently been hiring cops who consider themselves to be GI Joe’s who get to play army but don’t have to go into war zones. They think that working for us is tantamount to doing us a favor, and that we should always trust them to do the right thing, all evidence to the contrary.

Over time, these self-important, camo-wearing Rambos will be caught, hopefully terminated and relegated to the after-hours security staff at their local Target, and their ranks will be filled with real cops who actually want to “protect and serve” something other than themselves and their jobs, as well as enforce laws.

At that time, the ranks of these police will start to once again gain the respect of the populace which signs their paychecks every week, and we won’t have to hear dime-store psychobabble about “Ferguson effects” and other such drivel.


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