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9/11, Keeping Us Safe, and Asterisks


I was thinking about Jeb Bush’s assertion that his brother George, during his Presidency, “Kept us safe”.

I was thinking that, if George Bush had listened to the intelligence that we were given regarding Al Queda wanting to strike us from the air and Bush, trying to keep us safe, ordered the NIA and CIA to look more deeply into the matter and discover the plot, thwarting it and keeping those planes from hitting the trade center, then, 14 years later, when asked about his brother’s Presidency, it would have been justified for Jeb to say that his brother “kept us safe”.

Yet, none of those things happened, and those planes did go into the towers, killing 3000 Americans. Yet, he still asserted the same thing that he would have been justified in saying if those things had never happened. Two completely different scenarios, yet the same reference for each?

Hmm. It seems to me that the sentence should read, for the sake of accuracy in posterity:

He kept us safe*

*Except for that one time



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