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Pro Lifers and the Right Kinds of Babies

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I just finished a somewhat heated, but generally respectful, conversation with another gentleman regarding abortion and realized something as the thread proceeded down the page.
This particular gentleman held beliefs that I will refer to as anti-abortion since the term Pro-Life is misleading and I don’t know his feelings about feeding hungry children and not sending kids to unnecessary wars, which is what Pro-Life means to me. Personally, I am firmly and unequivocally Pro-Choice.

However, this person offered the same concession regarding rape, incest and the life of the mother that most anti-abortionists claim. He would forgo his stand against abortion in those circumstances, but only those circumstances.

After a moment of thought, I realized that the basis for being anti-abortion is the ostensible desire to protect babies since they presumably can’t protect themselves. But, my revelation revealed, those babies produced as a result of rape, incest and those that would endanger the life of the mother are no less babies than those produced in the back seat on prom night when he swore that he would pull out in time. They have the same fingers, toes, eyes, ears, genitals, need for love and food as the “good” babies do, yet anti-abortionists seem willing to forgo those darling little innocent babies if the conception didn’t occur within the context of that which is, shall we say, proper sex.

I mean, before abortion became legal there were many instances where women would commit suicide in order to avoid the shame of having a child out of wedlock, yet that is not enough reason to allow them to abort their fetuses according to anti-abortionists. But rape, incest, and health, for some reason, are.

I’m not using that person’s name because this missive is not directed at him, but to all those who believe that their lofty concerns for unborn children are above reproach. What I mean is, if you really only care about babies, then the exclusions for rape, incest, and the mother’s health are bullshit because even the babies produced under those circumstances are…babies.

Concern, meet reproach.


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