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Interview with PRESIDENT TRUMP (for my friends who are not on Facebook)

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Reporter: “President Trump, Vladimir Putin said today that your threats about him supporting Syria could lead to war. How do you respond?”
Trump: “Putin’s mother is a whore”.

Reporter: “President Trump, the chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, today said that she will allow interest rates to rise slightly over the coming months to stave off inflation. This might hurt the stock market just slightly. What is your response?”.
Trump: “Have you seen Janet Yellen? She should stave off eating so many cheeseburgers, I mean, have you seen her ass?”

Reporter: “President Trump, the Congress has approved the nomination of Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy, who has been a very active voice for gun control. What is your reaction to his approval?”
Trump: “That guy’s family is from India, they’re a bunch of camel jockeys. I own golf courses bigger than India. Oh, and his mother’s a whore”.

Reporter: “Thank you President Trump”.
Trump: “Sure sweetie. Hey, you’re cute. Almost as cute as my daughter. Who I would date if she wasn’t my daughter. You know, I’ve made A. LOT. OF. MONEY. Did you know that..?”


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  1. Ask Cara says:

    Obviously he’s just right for the job of POTUS. Smh.

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