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Donald Trump, China and Hen Houses.

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I heard Donald Trump again this morning complaining that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are owned by the billionaires and international business people, which is what will presumably make them beholden to those types, selling the country out so that those sinister individuals can profit.

Out of the other side of his mouth Trump has said, repeatedly that he will never be in the pockets of these billionaires and international business people because it is one of them himself, and he has paid for politicians to do his bidding for him in the past. Of this he has bragged quite often.

OK, 5,4,3,2,1…

So doesn’t it make sense that Donald Trump is the wet dream of every billionaire and international business person for the simple reason that through him, all these oligarchs and monopolists no longer have to spend so much money buying politicians? They will just put one of their own in the White House. Trump!

It’s as if we were electing one of the Koch brothers for President. We are basically giving them a shortcut to controlling every aspect of our lives, through market manipulation, price fixing and enacting trade legislation which favors them, not the U.S. Koch Industries, as well as Donald Trump do business all over the world. It makes no difference to them if the money comes here or to China, since they both do business in China.

Sheldon Adelson is a staunch Conservative and mega-billionaire casino operator in, among other places, Macau, which is a protectorate of China. Anything that favors China favors him. Trump and the Koch brothers are the same way. Their allegiances are to their corporate bottom lines, and they care not which in country they make their money.

To give you an example of how this works, the fact that China recently devalued their currency has been traumatic for the U.S. stock market, but a major benefit for Adelson, who will now benefit from increased tourism due to the cheaper Chinese currency and the fact that his dollars will now pay for a lot more Yuan than it did before. Land will be cheaper, as will building materials and labor.

People like this can invest in any country in which they chose and trade any currency that is currently cheap. It is not, ever, in their interest for the United States economy to do well other than for their U.S. investments. That’s all they care about. If they’re heavily invested in Europe, that is where their financial allegiance lies, patriotism be damned.

Donald Trump as President would not only be the fox guarding the hen house…he would be living in it and collecting rent from the chickens…


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