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Why Isn’t Benjamin Netanyahu on the Repub Ticket?

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The Iran deal was approved by 6 nations: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; plus Germany.

Two of them have claimed publicly that they will no longer maintain the sanctions against Iran if the deal is not accepted, simply because they want to buy Iranian oil and restore other trade with them, for the benefits of their own economies. Those two are China and Russia. In that case, Iran can continue exploiting its nuclear capabilities and will have the benefit of most of the sanctions going away-immediately. It will be as if we never had any agreement at all. It will set us back to the status we had with Iran when Bush was President

Three of the remaining 4 have stated, publicly, that if the US does not ratify the deal that they, by themselves, will continue to support the deal and help fund the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to commence inspections as per the agreement. America will then be an international pariah and have been humiliated and its power in the world severely compromised by the political party which is always complaining about just that.

The only remaining country, the US, is not the sole signatory to this deal. Other people, many of whom do not have the ridiculous and unexplained allegiance to Israel that we maintain, are perfectly fine with the deal after having had their own nuclear scientists and political operatives review it. The turmoil is primarily in the US and it is the result of the fact that so many of us believe that which Benjamin Netanyahu says but fail to trust our own President.

Netanyahu has a disproportionate amount of power among Repubs, the partial evidence of which is the fact that Mitt Romney repeated during the 2012 election, on numerous occasions, that he had gone to school with him and that they were friends. When has any American running for President used his ostensible friendship with a foreign leader as evidence of his qualification to run this country? That should tell you a little bit about the true motivations of the Repub hissy fit with this deal.

Repubs have more allegiance to a man who oversees a racist, exclusionary society of xenophobes than to the leader of their own nation. And that, my friends, is the primary reason that they, in isolation, are against this deal. It’s time that someone pointed this embarrassing little fact out to those who would deny it.


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