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Are You Better At Your Job Than a Mexican?


I now that this may seem a bit insensitive to some, but I was thinking about the premise that “illegal aliens” take Americans’ jobs…

I’ve lived in two places in my life. New Jersey and Florida, both of which have more than their share of what are referred to as illegal aliens. In the 45 years or so that I’ve been part of the workforce, from unskilled car washer in a NJ car dealership to a business owner, General Manager and CFO of others’ companies, I’ve never, not once, had my job taken from me and given to one of the people in question.

So, it struck me…(here comes the insensitive part) if you feel as if your job is threatened by someone who barely, if at all, speaks English, has no resume’, can’t pass a background check, has no job history or references, few marketable skills, no driver’s license and little or no documented education…I can’t help but wonder, are you more frightened of them, or of your being reminded of your own failures? Might it have been your career choices and abject lack of value in the workforce that makes you so imminently replaceable by such an unlikely group? Does your expressed hatred of them mask a hidden disappointment in yourself? Do you find any embarrassment in complaining that those people could so easily take your job? Huh? Huh?



  1. Ask Cara says:

    Well most come here with a certain set of skills. Companies love them because they can pay them whatever wage they want. .. under the table.

    • I’ve had many working for me and most do not have many skills, which is why they have to come here to work. Plus, virtually none of them are paid under the table. They get false papers and are paid like everyone else, with all taxes taken out. No employer will risk paying people under the table since that is tax evasion for which the penalties are quite severe. This is also why many people don’t know that undocumented workers pay into Social Security and Medicare, never to receive any of those benefits since they can’t as a result of their false IDs.

      • Ask Cara says:

        I have to disagree. I know many who are paid “under the table.” It’s cheap labor. It’s not like they can complain about the wages. They are illegal. They will be deported.

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