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The Irony of Criminality and Color

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White folks, when you think of a drug addicted, food stamp using welfare cheat with an extensive criminal history, what color skin do you imagine?

No need to answer. We both know.

Which proves that you haven’t been to South Western Florida…

The biggest problem with hiring workers here is that the white ones can’t pass drug tests, have criminal histories as a result of drug abuse and have been working under the table so that they can get food stamps. That’s the white folks. Blacks are only 5 percent of the population and aren’t a major factor in the equation.

But every damned Mexican who came over the border can pass a drug test and, since they’re undocumented, can’t get welfare or food stamps and have never been arrested because they’ll get deported if they do, Donald Trump’s musings notwithstanding.

How’s that for irony?


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  1. Ask Cara says:

    It seems like some White people like to look down on others to make themselves feel better. They will make excuses for White people who commit horrific crimes. “Oh. He had a hard life.” “He’s mentally unstable.” Meanwhile, Black people are called “thugs” for selling loose cigarettes.

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