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Conservatives and Cowardice. The Perpetual Fetal Position of the Right Wing.

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Here is how I think that Conservatives become such cowards:

Christians are taught that they, exclusively, are at the center of the universe since god spends all his time listening to their prayers and, apparently, made the entire rest of the universe simply for our entertainment. This makes them feel a unique entitlement to god’s ostensible graces. Any time that they see someone whom they believe to not be as entitled to these graces as they, (poor people, blacks, Mexicans or any other foreigners, Muslims, etc), they feel like their entitlements may be threatened. They likely pray to god to fix this problem, but since he’s no more real than Iraq’s WMD or Donald Trump’s foreign policy knowledge, the problem remains.

So, they lock themselves behind alarm systems in gated communities with caches of weapons, militant police to protect them and huge militaries with budgets big enough to feed and educate every kid in country numerous times over and never learn to actually engage those people whom they so fear. It is this insulation from danger which causes them to become cowards.

I’m still evolving on this, but it is starting to sound as if religion breeds conservatism which breeds cowardice.


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  1. Bill Cadiz says:

    John Dean, Nixon’s lawyer during Watergate, wrote a very enlightening study on conservative thinking (he was not a conservative, and his co-operation with the Watergate investigation sealed Nixon’s fate) He describes the psychological twists that make a person think like a conservative, parenting, religion, etc. Read “Conservatives without Conscience”. Dean also relies on James Burnham’s “Congress and the American Tradition” for much of his data. Conservatism very definitely has emotional roots and really should not be classed as political ideology, more like a personality trait. Of course so could far-left radicalism but today, Conservatives have the floor.

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