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Donald Trump and the Tea Party


I’ve been hearing lots of media pundits speculating about Trump’s surprising popularity among our more intellectually challenged Repub compatriots. Many are saying, as if they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the American public, that his climb in the polls is the result of a “frustration” with government and the Obama administration. They make it sound as if thoughtful, intelligent factions of the electorate are, after due consideration, deciding that Trump, rather than being a self-aggrandizing blow-hard, speaks his mind and tells the truth regarding whatever particular question he is asked by the media. For this reason, they believe that he can be trusted.

Sorry, but…Bullshit.

Donald Trump has simply brought out, as John McCain so compellingly put it, “the crazies”. We in liberal circles call them the Tea Party. Do you need proof? Well, you only need look so far as a week or two ago, when Trump told a reporter that he’d consider Sarah Palin as his running mate! Bingo!

Donald Trump is not giving intellectual Repubs an alternative to the more sane candidates in the field. He is simply pandering to the Sarah Palin wing of the Tea Party, the ones who are so well known for speaking their minds, especially since their minds contain tribalistic, racist, nationalist and gun-loving fervor.

    Donald Trump is simply a richer, better educated, but no less dangerous and imbecilic version of Sarah. Too bad Tiny Fey probably can’t do a decent Trump.


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  1. Ask Cara says:

    “intellectual Repubs”…. There’s no such thing. It’s a myth. lol

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