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Why You Still Can’t Say Ni**er

Yes, folks, its 2015 and I’m still seeing this question being asked by ignorant white racists who, for some reason, feel a burning desire to be given permission to say, nigger.

The ironic thing is the fact that they want permission for it. I’m having difficulty believing that they think that there is any penalty for doing so, beyond being called a racist imbecile, which, if they thought about it for more than a second, is exactly what they are revealing themselves to be by simple virtue of the fact that they want to say the word.

What is the point of asking why you can’t say it when it is quite obvious that you already refer to black people in your mind as niggers? What’s the difference between saying it and thinking it?

But, I’ll try another tack. I’ll use an example from my own life:

My family is of Greek origin. I had a woman working for me some years ago who had been born in Greece. When I came to work in the morning, I’d often greet her by saying “Hiya Greek”, to which she would respond in kind. It was a playful way of reminding ourselves that we had a specific connection, in this case, one of heritage. It suggested a similarity in our past, our cultures and our way of looking at the world, nothing more. It was more playful than meaningful.

If someone else in the office would have referred to either of us by saying “hiya Greek”, it would have been quite inappropriate, since that person, being of a different ancestry, would sound out of place, almost as if they were making a derogatory comment. Neither of us would have appreciated it. Keep in mind, the word “Greek” in and of itself has no negative connotations, but if a non-Greek used the term to refer to us, it would make us wonder why he chose to refer only to that aspect of our existence. We would assume that it was meant derogatorily.

The word nigger, as if anyone needs to have this explained, has severely negative connotations to it, going back to the fact that it was the word of choice used when referring to black slaves. No one who breathes oxygen should be unaware of that fact.

For that reason, when a black person calls another black person nigger, they are doing the same thing that I did with my employee, which is to playfully recall a secret, shared history. It’s a verbal “wink and nod” between two people who have a deep-seated similarity. Others, of a different heritage, simply have no business trying to insert themselves into that shared history, nor to question why they can’t.

Other than that, if you really want to call people nigger, you are already as much of a racist as you can possibly be. Actually saying it won’t make you more so. You’ve already revealed the depths of your ignorance and insensitivity.

How proud you must be…


America! Exceptional Brutality!

We, as Americans, are so exceptional that, in order to keep the other countries of the world from getting jealous, we brutally murder a few hundred of our citizens every day, you know, just to try to keep things even.

America! Exceptional, and willing to die to prove it!

I’m Going to Make an Anchor Baby

The fourteenth amendment to the Constitution grants citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States”. With all the idiocy regarding “anchor babies”, I decided to do what Liberals do and Conservatives hate-that is, get the facts.

Ok, so I start as a pregnant woman in Mexico. I somehow cross the border while avoiding capture in my delicate state and take up illegal residence in, lets say, Texas. I hide out until I give birth. I have the baby in the house in which I’m living since I’m scared to go to the hospital where they will require full information about me and so I’d risk getting caught and deported. I have a darling baby girl.

Next, according to actual US law regarding children of immigrants, I MUST GO BACK TO MY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN and patiently wait for 21 years while my baby grows (while being cared for and raised by someone else) so that my baby, now my grown daughter, can make application for me to come back into the country. Before she can apply, she must prove that I have not committed any crimes nor ever been deported from the US and that she can afford to support me on her current salary. If my daughter leaves the country before she’s 21 there can be issues of residency, and it could jeapordize this entire conspiracy.

Then, and only then, can my daughter apply for parent citizenship, and there is no guarantee that it will be approved. If it is, then I can make application through the embassy of my home country and hope for the best. There are no guarantees that it will be granted.

Yup, that’s it folks. She must be born here, I have to leave her here, without me, until she turns 21, and then maybe, maybe, I’d be allowed legal entry into the US. But that would be LEGAL ENTRY, which Conservatives claim to have no problems with.

No wonder Repubs are so up in arms about this. Having an anchor baby is a piece of cake, as long as you’re too ignorant to understand the law!

Are You Better At Your Job Than a Mexican?

I now that this may seem a bit insensitive to some, but I was thinking about the premise that “illegal aliens” take Americans’ jobs…

I’ve lived in two places in my life. New Jersey and Florida, both of which have more than their share of what are referred to as illegal aliens. In the 45 years or so that I’ve been part of the workforce, from unskilled car washer in a NJ car dealership to a business owner, General Manager and CFO of others’ companies, I’ve never, not once, had my job taken from me and given to one of the people in question.

So, it struck me…(here comes the insensitive part) if you feel as if your job is threatened by someone who barely, if at all, speaks English, has no resume’, can’t pass a background check, has no job history or references, few marketable skills, no driver’s license and little or no documented education…I can’t help but wonder, are you more frightened of them, or of your being reminded of your own failures? Might it have been your career choices and abject lack of value in the workforce that makes you so imminently replaceable by such an unlikely group? Does your expressed hatred of them mask a hidden disappointment in yourself? Do you find any embarrassment in complaining that those people could so easily take your job? Huh? Huh?

Why Isn’t Benjamin Netanyahu on the Repub Ticket?

The Iran deal was approved by 6 nations: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; plus Germany.

Two of them have claimed publicly that they will no longer maintain the sanctions against Iran if the deal is not accepted, simply because they want to buy Iranian oil and restore other trade with them, for the benefits of their own economies. Those two are China and Russia. In that case, Iran can continue exploiting its nuclear capabilities and will have the benefit of most of the sanctions going away-immediately. It will be as if we never had any agreement at all. It will set us back to the status we had with Iran when Bush was President

Three of the remaining 4 have stated, publicly, that if the US does not ratify the deal that they, by themselves, will continue to support the deal and help fund the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to commence inspections as per the agreement. America will then be an international pariah and have been humiliated and its power in the world severely compromised by the political party which is always complaining about just that.

The only remaining country, the US, is not the sole signatory to this deal. Other people, many of whom do not have the ridiculous and unexplained allegiance to Israel that we maintain, are perfectly fine with the deal after having had their own nuclear scientists and political operatives review it. The turmoil is primarily in the US and it is the result of the fact that so many of us believe that which Benjamin Netanyahu says but fail to trust our own President.

Netanyahu has a disproportionate amount of power among Repubs, the partial evidence of which is the fact that Mitt Romney repeated during the 2012 election, on numerous occasions, that he had gone to school with him and that they were friends. When has any American running for President used his ostensible friendship with a foreign leader as evidence of his qualification to run this country? That should tell you a little bit about the true motivations of the Repub hissy fit with this deal.

Repubs have more allegiance to a man who oversees a racist, exclusionary society of xenophobes than to the leader of their own nation. And that, my friends, is the primary reason that they, in isolation, are against this deal. It’s time that someone pointed this embarrassing little fact out to those who would deny it.

Safe with the Police

I heard that Rosie ODonnell’s daughter, who had been missing for a few days, was found alive and well and is in police custody. Then I thought about what “police custody” is supposed to mean.

It is supposed to mean that she’s safe. Not safe only if the cop didn’t “feel threatened”; not safe only because she’s a white female; safe because she’s with the cops.

Where did that go?

This Information Will Make Repubs Happy

After a conversation with one more Repub complaining about his taxes and how much he pays for welfare recipients to eat lobster and live in mansions, I decided to do a little math.

If you make $74,000 per year and file married joint in 2015 you’re in a 15% tax bracket. If you own a home and have a mortgage you probably have a deduction of about $12,000-$18,000 per year for interest and taxes on your home. After various other deductions and using a marginal tax rate calculation you were probably liable for about $6000.00 in taxes. Hold that thought.

The military budget for 2015 is about $600 billion. There are about 125 million taxpayers in the US.

Now the math. The numbers above mean that the military budget alone costs each taxpayer about $5000. ($600b/$125m) In the scenario above you pay $6000 in taxes of which $5000 goes to the military.

So, if you make $74,000 per year and have a family in 2015 then 84% of all your taxes are going to the military. Only 16% of your “hard earned tax money” is going to other things like welfare, roads, bridges, salaries, and food stamps. That 16 % of your taxes works out to only 1.3 percent of what you actually earn going for all those things, and the rest goes to being the biggest and most badass killing machine the world has ever known.

Rest easy Repubs. All is right with the world, at least from your perspective. All you need is a little math.

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