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Religion and Illegal Drugs


I recently saw a documentary from the 1970s about faith healers. It all came back to me.

The fabricated moral compasses. The desperate belief in a higher being. The conspiracy of the soul. The opportunistic taking and destruction of any semblance of faith from these downtrodden people. That’s when it hit me…there are no more downtrodden than the desperate. There are no more vulnerable than the weak. Money isn’t taken from the strong, well-adjusted among us, but from those who seek a higher truth, and end up with the highest form of lie. God.

The breadth of the deception cannot be overstated. The degree to which religious people are asked, to use a shop-worn phrase, <em>asked to drink the Kool-Aid</em>, is amazing in its arrogance. I saw a Facebook post from some woman who was discussing, quite mockingly, the premise of evolution. She ridiculed that the universe, according to her limited understanding started from nothing, then nothing exploded, then there were dinosaurs! This sounds very cute and snarky, until you realize that the philosophy which she herself is promoting suggests that there was nothing, then some spirit made a planet out of nothing, then he took some dirt and then there were people, animals and sunsets!

The premise that religion offers these poor people something akin to a purpose for their existence suggests that otherwise there would be none. And I suggest that there isn’t. How arrogant we must be to assume that there is some divine rationale for our existence, as compared to just our just being here due to a particular set of circumstances, no different than any of the other animals, birds or insects. How arrogant of those who claim that if there was no meaning to their lives, they wouldn’t want to live. If that’s the case, they are basically suggesting that they must, by necessity, fabricate some sort of life-meaning otherwise their lives will be unsustainable. (I don’t believe it, frankly. People wouldn’t start randomly killing themselves if they found that there was no God).

They think that, since religion assumes that we are the center of the universe and the only place upon which life exists, that all those planets and solar systems out there were apparently put there so that we’d have something to look at in the night sky, since the Bible does not specify any other reasons for their existence. God made an entire universe so that we’d have something to look at through telescopes.

The further premise that religion and morality are somehow co-inhabitors of our spirits, and that without one we would be devoid of the other is just preposterous. Some of the most hideously immoral people on the earth have claimed a religious cohort (Hitler wrote of “divine provenance”) and killed, raped and stole in the name of their particular brand of religious perversion. This is nothing new.

With apologies to Joseph Stalin, it is the crystal meth of the masses…



  1. Bill Cadiz says:

    Apologies to Joseph Stalin? “Religion is the opiate of the people” can be traced back in one form or another to the German philosopher Novalis, to Marx and Lenin among others. But it still accurately describes a kind of desperate belief in something, anything, that can be either the cause or the salvation of our own misfortunes or primal flaws. We can’t function efficiently, we can’t ponder or think abstractly, if we can’t dream or speculate, and that’s why we are capable of inventing the most outrageous myths and trying to make them legitimate. Our ugliest, most primal instincts can scare the hell out of us sometimes and we need help to calm ourselves down. Let’s pray that we don’t run amok and cause crazy trouble in the tribe.. Hey, it works for some of us.

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