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Crazies On Both Sides? Nope…

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Some on the right, when confronted with the idiocy of many Repub presidential candidates, try to level the intellectual playing field by saying things like “there are crazies on both sides”. They are trying to elevate the right-wing’s particularly vitriolic radical dweezles to that of a thoughtful intellectual who just happens to have some unusual ideas.

Nuh-uh, folks.

There is no leftie counterweight to Donald Trump. Even Bernie Sanders, who has been referred to as “an old Bolshevik” has not said anything to counter-balance Donald Trumps comments about Mexicans and other immigrants. Even Bernie hasn’t made comments disparaging people like John McCain who allowed himself to be tortured rather than reveal information about US troop movements. For Bernie to be as radical as Trump he would have to be a full-blown Communist, which no one who actually thinks about these things would ever believe.

Why does this matter? Well, it wouldn’t save for one important fact. At least for now, a majority of Repubs think this guy would make a good President. He’s leading in the polls! Much like Herman Cain, the pizza guy, and Newt Gingrich led in the polls in 2012. Much like Sarah Palin was leading in the polls in 2008. Repubs are apparently willing, even temporarily, to place upon a political pedestal those who spew the most hatred with the least intelligence. And they do it often.

When a group of people, even for a short period of time, are willing to get behind this hateful braggart, this self-promoting bagpipe of a man, this man who thinks that refusing to back down from any comment, regardless how ridiculous makes him look decisive, then we must question the cognitive abilities of that group.

No folks, although some attitudes may be considered far-left or extremely liberal, nothing compares with the man who Repubs currently favor as their next President.

And that, my friends, says more about them than it does about him.


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