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Donald Trump and his Golf Courses-Perfect Together

During my time in the landscaping industry, I came across many for whom golf was an important component of their leisure. Many people consider this sport to be one of high caliber, reserved for those who can afford leisure time during the week, or else are willing to get in line on weekends, depending on where you play. The cost of entry to this world can be quite high at times; in some cases, for private clubs, well into 6-figures.

Many, especially here in Florida, actually buy houses built on golf courses, so that they may play virtually every day, and socialize with others of their ilk. The wearing of pastels appears to be a prerequisite to this lifestyle, mainly because I can’t imagine any other reason to do so.

When I hear news of Donald Trump and his various success stories, I find that much of his legacy revolves around two things: buildings and golf courses. When I realized this the other day, it gave me some insight into this man and the things that appear to be important to him, and possibly others of his mentality.

Buildings, even those gaudy monuments to himself that Trump is known for, typically serve some kind of purpose. Housing, shops and offices tend to be useful to virtually everyone since everyone lives somewhere, shops somewhere and, hopefully, works somewhere. They displace natural environments in favor of glass and concrete, but presumably they serve some genuine purpose for society.

Golf courses, on the other hand, are for nothing but games. They serve no one other than those fortunate enough to become members. They tend, at least in Trump’s world, to be built on beautiful landscapes with ocean backdrops and gorgeous vistas, ensuring that no one other than members will be able to experience those backdrops and vistas again. Golf courses destroy the natural environment and replace them with conjured-up “natural” environments of high-maintenance grasses, artificial lakes, and only enough trees to make it look natural but not get in the way of long drives.

These outdoor adult playrooms denude the land, absorb billions of gallons of fresh, drinking quality water that is taken from farmers and reservoirs, and subsequently pour million of tons of phosphorus and nitrogen (from the fertilizers they use) into lakes and streams. All so that old white guys (and some women) can hit a little ball into a little hole.

Donald Trump has built or manages 16 golf courses all over the world. Click here to see them

Golf courses are functionally frivolous, serve little purpose to anyone other than wealthy white people, and destroy everything in their wake while doing so.

Are you surprised that Donald Trump builds so many?




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