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Conservatives Want Only to Conserve Their Own Way Of Life

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You can tell a Liberal ideology because it usually benefits someone other than he who holds it. Conservative ideologies are usually self-centered, cowardly and directly benefit he who holds it. Don’t believe me?

Having more and more guns will likely keep the person who possesses them safe from intruders or attackers.

Having fewer guns may cause individuals to feel less safe, but benefits society in that fewer guns will be available to those incapable of safely using them, making us all safer. Can you tell which is which?

Fewer immigrants will presumably save some extremely low-level jobs for natives. It will also allow those who are limited to only English from having to “push 1 for English” when they call Comcast.

More immigration, however, is keeping with the original concept of America as illustrated on the Statue of Liberty (Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free), and adds more diversity and variation of experiences to our society, enriching us immeasurably, exactly as immigrants have influenced our food, clothing, language, architecture and all other aspects of our society for centuries. Which one is which?

Gay marriage:
Disallowing gay marriage allows some to continue to believe that their way is the best way, simply because it is their way. It allows those who do not like progress to live in a society that is familiar and follows some questionable biblical passages with which they’ve become familiar. It hurts and discriminates against many, but those who are against it consider their delicate sensibilities to be more important than the personal freedom of others.

Allowing gays to marry causes straight people no personal inconvenience, distress nor does it negatively impact their lives in any way. It allows more people to express their love in their way of choice, and brings what has historically been an “underground” portion of society and allow them to live in the daylight. Conservative or liberal?

The essence of racism is tribalism. Being constantly surrounded by people who are like you allows you to avoid growth, tension and new ideas, thereby reinforcing the premise that your way is the best way (see immigration). It allows you to fool yourself into thinking that you can see patterns in society that don’t really exist, but make life simpler for you by allowing you to act on those assumptions, specifically by excluding those of a different race from engaging with you or others like you.

Those who resist this natural tendency toward tribalism which leads to racism believe that, although these tendencies tend to be among the basest and least thoughtful way to live, the only thing that comes from racism is retaliatory racism from the oppressed group back in the direction of the oppressor. It means that society is engaging in polarization and xenophobia and judgement of one another for the most superficial of reasons. Even though the most open-minded of us find ourselves with racist reactions to certain events, we try to resist them when they arise. Liberal or Conservative?.

Conservatives hate taxes and see them as an example of a goverment that has become too powerful and invasive into our culture, but they are more than willing to supply an enormous army and have militant police on every street corner. The reason for this is that Conservatives want themselves to be protected at all cost. That is the limit of their willingness to pay taxes,

Liberals see taxes as the monthly dues one pays to live in a modern society, much like the monthly dues many Conservatives pay to live in their safe, secure, gated communities. Liberals see taxes as the price of a safe, enlightened, educated and healthy society, even if they don’t personally gain from it.

Conservative thought might be a bit more tolerable to Liberals if they simply thought of someone besides themselves on occasion.


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