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The Supreme Court Ruling On Obamacare Hurts Repubs In A Way That They Hadn’t Considered

I’ve said before that I’m not too enamoured of Hillary Clinton. She voted for the Iraq war and she’s not the most sympathetic of characters. Plus, she’s got a lot of baggage.

I’m actually willing to be convinced that Bush is more liberal than his brother and that Rand Paul is not a total nincompoop. Now, I didn’t say that I was convinced, only that I’m open-minded enough to at least consider them. Hey, I considered voting for McCain in 2008 until he turned ultra-conservative at the last minute.

But here’s the problem:

For all you open-minded Liberals who would consider voting for a Repub this time around, there’s something you’re forgetting-Healthcare. If the Repubs get the Whitehouse and the Congress, there is an excellent chance that they will at least attempt to repeal or severely weaken the ACA. This is a serious problem, folks.

So, bearing that in mind, remember. If you do come across a moderate Repub and think he might be a good fit, I don’t care what he or she says. One way or another, they will attempt to repeal the ACA if for no other reason than to get elected to a second term. Mark my words. Every one of them has already thrown down the gauntlet. That toothpaste won’t go back in that tube. They hate it and will kill it if they can.

So, if you’re like me and not a Hillary fan, we’ve got to get to work boosting someone else from the Democratic party. Failing that, we’ve got to make sure that Hillary wins, even if we have to hold our noses while doing so.

We just don’t have a choice folks.


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