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Mike Huckabee Tells Us That We Can Resist Gay Marriage

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So, if I have this straight, according to Mike Huckabee and his minions, if my religion says that interracial marriage is a sin, then I can refuse to make a wedding cake for an interracial couple, give them a marriage license, or just about anything else that I opportunistically decide constitutes my religious freedom. Well, thank god he cleared that up for us! Fuck all that civil rights legislation from the 1960s!

After all, it’s no different than if I were to decide to refuse those services to a gay couple. If I’m wrong, please explain the difference to me. If I can claim an imposition upon my religious freedom for one, why not the other?

The reason that more people are identifying themselves as Atheists is the fact that they see the hatred that is behind religious thought. They are understanding, finally, that religion is used to separate us more often than unite us. It is used as a screen to hide behind in order to justify our intolerance of each other. It is used to tell us that OUR beliefs are correct, moral and righteous, whereas those of others are, by necessity, suspect and treacherous.

There is no difference between refusing to marry a gay couple and refusing to marry an interracial couple, or a couple belonging to a religion that you believe to be evil, or one that you don’t agree with, or any other so-called religious freedom excuse yo can muster.

Religion tells us that we are smarter and better people than everyone who has a different belief than do we, yet preaches tolerance and love.

Tell ya what. Do me a favor and stop tolerating me. Just get the fuck out of my way, will ya?

It’s quite convenient that each and every religion in the world teaches its followers that it, and it alone, is the only true path to God. How can anyone with even a handful of connected synapses believe that that could possibly be true? How can any thinking person continue to delude himself that his way is the best when everyone else is equally convinced that there’s is as well? How can everyone be, simultaneously, right and wrong?

To paraphrase Rene’ Descartes, “I think, therefore I am…an Atheist”.


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