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Facebook Un-Friending

I have to admit that it bothers me to have unfriended some of the most ignorant of my antagonists on Facebook. I’ve always prided myself on being willing to learn from opposing opinions and have always been willing to admit when I’m wrong. The problem is that I find myself arguing at the lowest possible intellectual level to simply make a point, only to have the opposing party go off on a tangent and change the subject altogether when they realize that their arguments are running out of logic. Then, I am left mucking around in the sub-basement of rational thought, all because I tried to engage some mental dweeb.

I’d prefer not to find myself in a bubble of those who agree with me. I like a challenge. I like to see someone stir the pot on occasion, but I just can’t deal with those whose cognitive abilities and capacity for original thought are best described a Palinesque.

I just can’t argue at such a low level so often…hurts my brain.


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