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Symbol of Southern Pride

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Since the murders in South Carolina have restarted the discussion about the Confederate Battle flag that flies in South Carolina and other places, I decided to try to understand the claims of its proponents that it is a symbol of southern history and pride.

Here is the history of the Confederacy in 4 sentences:

They were a group that wanted to no longer be American. They wanted to secede from the union that was formed after a decades-long struggle with Britain. Also known as traitors.

They were a group that embraced slavery and the subjugation of human beings for the purpose of personally profiting from their forced labor and treatment as animals. They claim that their secession was for economic reasons. Yes, the economics of slavery.

They are an area of the country that was humiliated in a crushing defeat by northern troops. This was after the south started the war when Confederates bombarded Union soldiers at Fort Sumter, South Carolina on April 12, 1861. Yes, they attacked an American military fort. That’s not what most people consider a patriotic act, but rather a treasonous one.

They are a failed government, a failed society, a failed way of life, founded on antediluvian Victorian principals which were patently rejected by the rest of the country.

Well, at least now we can all understand the source of their pride.


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