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Republicans Waking Up to What We Already Knew


Yesterday, Repub South Carolina State Representative Doug Brannon told reporters that he would introduce legislation to take the Confederate Flag down from next to the state capital in South Carolina.

Yesterday, former Repub Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney told reporters that the flag should come down.

What I want to bring up this morning is the fact that this is another instance where Liberals were leading a fight for years and years and years, only to have Repubs, years and years and years later say, “oh, I guess you were right”, but not until lots more people suffered as a result of Repub intransigence. Oh, you need more examples?
1. The Iraq war (NOW they admit that it might have been a mistake)
2. Gay marriage (Anyone who thinks the Supreme court won’t allow it is not paying attention)
3. Gays in the military (funny how the military still seems to work pretty well, huh?
4. Obama care would kill jobs (unemployment lowest in 7 years)
5. Obama’s bailouts would destroy the economy (GM is alive and well)
6. Obama was weak on terrorism (ask Bin Laden about that)
7. Obama would spend us into oblivion (he has cut George Bush’s deficit by over $1Trillion)
8. The entire birth certificate issue (I hear he was born in North Korea)

And I’m just using recent examples. I could go further back about Repubs being slow on the uptake by citing civil rights legislation, equal rights for women, birth control, etc.

My point this morning is that if the world were just, if the world were fair, then every time a Repub agrees to something that we’ve been telling them for years, they’d lose one Congressman or Senator. That seat would then become, by default, a Democratic seat for say, I don’t know, 20 years. Just to show them that they can’t hold out until they are the last people on the planet to understand something, then take credit for finally approving it.

I know that I’m just fantasizing here but I’m tired of Repubs being 20 years behind the rest of the Progressive world and paying no penalty when they finally awaken and realize that they’ve been looking into the wrong end of the goddamned telescope.


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