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A White Man Apologizes


I blog, I post on Facebook and Twitter. I argue, I fight, I lose friends and acquaintances, and yet I continue the struggle. And I have failed. So I’ll just apologize.

I’m sorry, black people. I’m sorry that some of my most educated contemporaries haven’t the apparent intellectual wherewithal to understand anything that doesn’t affect them personally. I’m sorry that they are so in fear that you would treat them as badly as they’ve treated you if you “took over”, as if you’ve got a secret plan to turn the USA into a predominantly black country.

I’m sorry that so many of them think that your goal is life is to rape a white woman and steal her husband’s money. I’m sorry that they think that they see you everywhere, even though you are less than 14% of the population. I’m sorry that their personal, pathological cowardice is the primary driving force behind their racism. I’m sorry that they believe that as long they have one black acquaintance who they treat like everyone else, they couldn’t possibly be racist.

I’m sorry that white people justify the deaths of black youths by pointing out that they stole a pack of cigarillos, smoked pot in high school, or refused to be handcuffed when they’d done nothing wrong. I’m sorry that black lives have so little value to them. I’m sorry that you’ve had to carry signs to remind them that your lives matter. That you love your children. And that you aren’t all thugs.

And I’m sorry that your home country, the place of your birth, the country of which you are a resident, a citizen, a taxpayer, a neighbor, a friend, a voter, a civil participant and, in some cases a church goer-I’m sorry that that country treats you like a guest who has stayed too long.

I am at work and have had to lock my office door numerous times today so that others won’t see that I’ve been in tears over what happened in South Carolina the other day. I can’t think of anything to do but apologize to you for being a member of the group who fostered it, committed it, and will likely make excuses for it.

I’m just really, really sorry and ashamed that it was us who did this to you. And keeps doing it to you. I’m just sorry…


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