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John Sununu Tells Us How Stupid George W Bush is in a Book About His Father

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John Sununu, former chief of staff to George H.W. Bush (daddy), was interviewed this morning regarding his new book about his old boss called “The Quiet Man”. Now, I’m not going to spend too much time discussing the fact that the only reason Daddy Bush was so “quiet” was because every time he opened his mouth he was caught in a lie (“read my lips, no new taxes” regarding tax increases and “I was out of the loop” regarding the Iran-Contra affair, among many others).

No, what I’m going to discuss this morning is the fact that during said interview, when Sununu was discussing the accomplishments of Bush the 1st, he stated, and I quote verbatim, “He was smart enough not to try to get Saddam Hussein when we attacked Iraq during the first Gulf War. He was smart enough to know that invading that country would entail becoming occupiers, fighting insurgents and many years of rebuilding the country”.

The first irony here is that Sununu is basically using the stupidity of the son as a reference point for the presumed genius, in his mind anyway, of the father.

Furthermore, it appears that maybe, just maybe, if Sununu is telling the truth and not just trying to make his old boss look good, that the United States of America might have avoided this long, continuing national nightmare that is Iraq, if only George W (little cowboy) Bush had simply picked up the phone and asked his daddy…

I’m just commenting on the facts as told to me by Mr Sununu. Just like Fox, I report, you decide…


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