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Hillary’s Biggest Problem is Hillary.

I saw Hillary’s campaign launch yesterday. And I cringed.

She has the same problem that Mitt Romney, John Kerry, Al Gore, Bob Dole, George HW Bush (for his second term), Mike Dukakis and Walter Mondale had. For those for whom history is too much of an effort, these were some of the most recent Presidential also-rans.

Hillary has her good and bad qualities, none of which I will discuss here, other than to say that she speaks like a mean librarian who is reprimanding you for talking too loud. She sounds too pedantic. Too in charge. She sounds as if everything she’s saying is immediately being recorded in the history books. Assumptive profundity is the best way I can describe it. She sounds as if she’s directing the stoneworkers at Mt Rushmore as they carve her face into the rock before she’s even elected.

I bring up the other Presidential losers because they all had similar qualities, (or deficiencies, depending on how you look at it), whereas Barak Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, love them or hate them, all had a way of connecting with voters, even when discussing complex matters.

I was a Hillary supporter in 2008, but was easily swayed to Obama and voted for him, something I’ve never regretted.

Hillary though. I’m having a lot of trouble believing that she can win, irrespective of what the polls say. I also just can’t decide if I like her and believe what she says. Even when I believe her words, I have difficulting with her sincerity.

She sounds as contrived and fake as Mitt Romney.

Still evolving on this.

Watch this space…


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