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C-o-n-s-t-i-t-u-t-i-o-n and Other Favorite Repub Words


If I hear one more poorly-informed, Fox-watching Repub remark about how Barak Obama is “shredding the Constitution” or some other such synaptic bile…

I’m waiting for someone, anyone to suggest, even vaguely, what article (yes, the Constitution has more than just amendments), section or amendment is being violated or shredded by President Obama. Yet no one does. This problem occurs likely because reading about 4500 words on 4 pages is quite a lot for those accustomed to getting their news from Sean Hannity. And the amendments make up about another 3000 or so words, which is way more than they can read on the toilet. And it has no pictures, so I suspect that that’s why none of them has read past the Second Amendment before they get bored and switch to Guns and Ammo or Us Weekly.

If there was, in fact, some, any, even an inkling of a violation, does anyone doubt that the same party which impeached Bill Clinton for lying about a blowjob wouldn’t jump at the chance to do the same to a Constitution shredder like Obama? The Repubs control the House and the Senate. They could bring articles of impeachment up tomorrow and the trial could start within a month; lots of time to toss out this Commie, Socialist, Muslim-sympathizing Kenyan before his term ends! Why haven’t they done so? Could it be that they’re simply talking out a particular lower-body orifice which is usually kept from sunlight? Could it be that they’re so proud of themselves for pronouncing a word with more than three syllables that it doesn’t matter whether they’re telling the truth or not? Or could it be, as I suspect, that they simply repeat their memorised talking points whenever they are assigned by their Dear Leader, Roger Ailes? Do they really like sounding so stunningly stupid?

Facts are facts. And none has been brought forth. And none will. The reason is that there has been no “shredding of the Constitution”. The legal guardian of that Constitution, the Supreme Court, still exists in all its glory, even with a conservative majority. They’ll be sure to let us know if, let’s say, the latest challenge to Obamacare stands up or not. And if by some chance they make the ill-informed decision to rule against Obamacare, then it will NO LONGER BE THE LAW, just like the Constitution says it should be. No shredding necessary.

But, since conservatives jump on every chance they can find to say words bigger than Benghazi, I’m sure they’ll continue to make this vacuous claim and, when called out on it, will just slake their embarrassment by turning on O’Reilly.


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