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My White Brethren…Don’t You Think It’s Time To Take The High Road For Once?

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Hey, white people! You know, you people who look like me. Don’t you think its time to stop being so predictable? Don’t you think its time to stop acting like you’re terrified that black people are taking over? Don’t you understand that doing so makes you look petty, small, cowardly and foolish to fear 12% of the population?

Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure that if they ever take over (as some of you seem to fear) that they wouldn’t dare treat us as badly as we’ve treated them. They’ve never, in their entire history, ever been as barbaric as white people have been to them, to Native Americans, to Mexican immigrants, and others who have dared try to integrate our ostensibly white country.

Folks, dear white people, there is no need to find articles to post on Facebook supporting evidence that there are cops who aren’t racist with the caption, “See, this proves it!” Stop constantly floating conspiracy theories about this ill-defined mainstream media (all media is mainstream if it’s on the internet or on TV) and suggesting that they all meet in some basement to try to find new ways to defile white people. You’re not persuading anyone other than yourselves. THERE ARE LOTS OF RACIST COPS. THERE ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. People who are given power have always saved it for themselves and others like them. They always find someone to use as a target, in an effort to constantly re-affirm the power they’ve been given. Cops are chosen from the general population, and the general population is pretty god-damned racist!

Get over it guys. You’re never going to convince anyone other than scared, cowardly, uninformed and racist white people, especially those in power, that white cops don’t enjoy slamming down a couple of our darker-skinned citizens every now and then. You know it in your hearts. Stop thinking that others are too stupid to see it. It makes you look like the stupid one.

We have a history of hating anyone not like us and/or those who we’re too lazy to educate ourselves about. In my lifetime alone its been Communists, Russians, the Chinese, Blacks, Puerto Ricans (in my neighborhood in The Bronx), Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis (until George Bush decided we need to save them), Iranians, Afghanis, Palestinians, Muslims in general, Mexicans, Syrians, and… I’m thinking…oh yeah, the French after we invaded Iraq (remember Freedom Fries?). I sure hope I didn’t miss anyone. We are equal opportunity haters, yet we call ourselves a “peace loving people”. Puh-lease! But could we at least try not to hate those who live among us?

Guys, we all know that the recent spate of black kids being shot by white people, especially white cops, just blur in your mind after a while. We know that you can’t distinguish one dead black kid from another because, after all, they all look alike, right? Yes, we know that it’s just ONE MORE BLACK KID. And we know that there’s lots more where that one came from. And when they die innocently, we know that you all secretly say to yourselves that they were probably criminals anyway so, good riddance, right?

My people, my race, my heritage…stop making me ashamed to be identified with you. Stop being so scared that everyone is out to get you because if they, in fact, are, could it be because you’ve treated them like assholes for damned-near our entire history? Could it be that we’ve become like the British Victorian colonialists who just knew, KNEW, that they were of superior intellect to those they subjugated all over the world and treated them as such?

Do not fear. You’re still in charge, white folks. No one is coming down the street to rape your wife and enslave your children, you know, the way we did to black people in the 19th century. Don’t worry. You already have enough weaponry to hold them at bay. Try a different tactic for a while, will ya? A little benevolence goes a long way.

It takes a lot more courage and intelligence to embrace diversity than it does to just shoot at it.


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