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The Sin of Selective Piety

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During the various debates in which I engage, I find an overriding theme among those with a more conservative socio-economic bent. I can accurately predict the response of many, based on what I know of their backgrounds. I can also predict their attitudes toward social issues by the economic stances and, obversely, their economic stances based on their social attitudes. What is fascinating, however, is how they are so unbelievably, blindingly, stunningly contradictory.

Now I know that many will point to lefties such as myself and call us tree hugging liberal atheists who want big government, high taxes and a Muslim Kenyan in the Whitehouse. Well, close…

They can predict my attitudes toward certain things in a linear fashion. It would make sense that an atheist is against big religion, is likely progressive in his thoughts, considers protecting the environment to be an important thing, etc. I accept these assumptions and agree that they tend to be correct.

But keep in mind that most of these beliefs tend to favor someone other than myself. I don’t personally benefit if there is no God to protect me, nor certainly if my taxes go up, nor if homeless people are housed, blacks are treated better, women can get abortions or trees get saved. None of those things will put money in my pocket, give me more security or make me live longer. But they are the right things to do.

What I can’t believe, however, is the absolutely duplicitous nature of Repub conservatives. To wit:

They claim that the idea of America was based on Judeo-Christian beliefs, but when it comes to a fundamental aspect of those beliefs, taking care of the poor and hungry, they spin on their heels and claim that these people are simply lazy and should be allowed to starve. And when the issue of immigrants wanting to come to this great country in order to find work and feed their families comes up, they become hyper patriots and rant about how only citizens are entitled to jobs and food. When a working man asks for a minimum wage for his work, the conservative shows his compassion by making up, out of whole cloth, stories about what minimum wage jobs are supposed to be for. How can you do both and claim to be religious?

They claim that their religion makes them moral, compassionate and filled with love for their fellow man, but those same people want to strike down the ability of those who have different sexual predilections to get married or of those who can’t afford it to have simple health care!

Is it the extreme love and compassion that they have for their fellow man that makes them want to open carry an AR15 in a schoolyard?

They seem to have no issue with raping the earth of all that it provides us for free. This, I’m sure, is due to their interpretation of the Bible giving them “dominion” over the earth and its animals. Do they believe that they truly are entitled to take all the bounty the earth has to offer and put nothing back? When the Pope, their religious leader, says that climate change is morally bad, they turn on him, with Rick Santorum basically telling him to shut up.

They argue against alternative fuels that put less pollution in the air and make us less dependent on foreign oil. How can those things possibly be bad to a compassionate and loving group of people?

When you hear that someone is a conservative, you can damned well bet that he will claim to be religious, loving and of high morals, yet hate anyone who is not like him, may need help feeding himself, want to conserve the environment and limit the violence and destruction that comes from putting guns in the hands of anyone who breathes. He wants small government but wants it big enough to restrict who can vote, what a woman can do with her own body, and invade any country that doesn’t do things the way we say they should. He is pro-Israel, yet looks away when reminded of the fact Israel exists because Palestinians were raped of their historic homeland and are currently treated no better than American blacks in the early 20th century.

These are not religious people. Gandhi was religious. Martin Luther King was religious. The Dali Lama is religious. You can tell because true religious belief requires courage. These people are self-centered, self-indulgent, what’s-in-it-for-me cowards who see enemies around every corner and who hope the rest of us stay stupid enough to shy away from challenging their fake religiosity.

Conservatives tend to want to conserve that which benefits them, society be damned. Their religion, their money, their guns, their social mores, etc. They tend to have nothing on their agenda that benefits society as a whole at any cost to them whatsoever.

They use religion to inform their opinions when it comports with their racism, their hatred for their fellow man and their dominion over anything that can’t defend itself. And they ignore that same religion it when it fails to do so…



  1. Frank Cheli says:

    So many straw men in there you better hope it doesnt catch fire

  2. You might want to review the definition of straw man. Virtually everything in that piece is related to something you, yourself, as well as others, have said on FB. Every single word of it.

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