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Is Bernie Sanders The Conscience of Progressives?


Most Libs secretly love Bernie Sanders. Sure, some of his policies and ideas are way too lofty to be practical. Some of his plans appear to be nothing more than wishful thinking. And, sure, few of us want to be associated with someone who self-describes as a Socialist (actually, a Democratic Socialist). Plus the guy is 76 years old.

But I gotta tell ya. The guy says a lot of things that others in the Democratic party should have the courage to say. Hillary virtually never gives a straight answer to a question, (much like Mitt Romney), and she sometimes appears to be above it all. She can, at times, be pedantic, didactic and a bit too self-assured. She is definitely a part of the old boys network, and kudos to her for being one of the first women to join. And she might be a good President, but I’m not sure if she’s the kind of President I want.

Bernie, on the other hand, shoots from the hip. Every time. He’s got the courage of someone who doesn’t need to pander to the electorate. He knows that some scoff at him, but his “bring it on” attitude is refreshing. He can be as direct as Chris Christie, without the attendant rudeness and corruption that comes with that chump.

Sure, I know Bernie’s a little bit of an old crackpot (just a little bit), and I can’t imagine a scenario where he is nominated or elected (irrespective of what Hillary does), but I’m glad that our party has someone like him as our conscience, because, in our hearts, we know that his idea of America is a pretty good one.

Bernie is, in a word, ballsy, without having to act like one of those guts, guns and bibles tough-guys.

He’ll never be President. But I like the guy…


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