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Whiny Cops and Crime Rates

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On the news recently has been the revelation that crime is increasing in various cities. Repub police apologists have breathed a collective “Aha!” smug in the assertion that this proves that pissing off cops increases crime, and by extension, strongly suggesting that we have wronged these poor, misunderstood police officers. Bullshit…

The blindingly arrogant assertion, also made by police union officials, that we have hurt morale by questioning the motives and operational effectiveness of these local police departments would be comical were it not so tragic. We are now being told that if we hurt the feelings of these civil servants that they will stamp their feet and sulk, refusing to enter high-crime neighborhoods and “go the extra mile” as one Fraternal Order of Police employee said on the radio the other day. Balderdash…

The premise that police, in isolation, be cowered to lest they refuse to do their jobs misses one very important point. It is their JOB! When people refuse to do their job, they are typically fired! So fire them!

How many of us have jobs that we do so poorly that our bosses feel the need to put body cameras on us to record what we do all day? How many of us would not be insulted to the point of wanting to do our jobs better in order to end said scrutiny, rather than whine about being subject to it? How many of us would have the abject, unmitigated gall to complain about being subject to surveillance and completely ignore the rationale behind it?

Police departments throughout history have been consummately secretive about the operations and have always resisted oversight, especially by civilians. I lived in NYC when thousands of cops were found to be on the take from drug dealers and remember the “blue flu” epidemic when cops called in sick by the thousands in protest of the fact that they had been caught on the take! This tribal attitude has been the milieu of cops from time immemorial. I get it, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to abide it.

And to those who will make the unsubstantiated and unprovable claim that we won’t be able to hire police to replace those we’ve fired due to this low morale, your naiveté’ and ignorance of human nature is stunning. First of all, you seem to be suggesting that hundreds of thousands of cops are independently wealthy and don’t need their high paying jobs (the median pay for a NYC cop is $62,000. Same in New Jersey. Baltimore cops start at almost $50,000 and can make over $100,000 after 20 years).

In addition to the pay, anyone who thinks that there won’t be a long line of recruits for a job with the badge, the weapons, the uniform, the training and the power that comes with being a cop has apparently never met, or been accosted, by one.

I’m sorry if honest cops are being unfairly castigated and seen in an unflattering light by the ostensibly few corrupt and racist cops. (I’m tempted to put the word ostensibly in quotes, but I don’t want to be mean-spirited). I’m sorry if your morale has been diminished. But I’m more concerned with my freedom to walk the streets without being accosted than with your apparently fragile self-esteem. You’re a tough guy. Suck it up and get over it.

One well-known radio personality this morning claimed that a cop told him that the cop’s little girl asked if he shoots black people on purpose. This little bit of melodrama was obviously intended to pull on transparently pliable heart strings, rendering an image of a doe-eyed little girl looking up to her hero daddy for an answer to her innocent question. This particular radio personality conveniently neglected to mention what the cop said to his little girl in response, (since the entire story was likely fabricated for effect), but I would suggest something along the lines of “no sweetie, but some of my co-workers do”.


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