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The Iraqi War and The Amateur President. Did You Forget Already?

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When we invaded Iraq, it was not, as the Repubs are currently trying to convince us, that everyone believed they had WMD. Some Washington politicians may have believed it. Bill Clinton may have believed it (but, interestingly, not enough to take us to war over it). Hillary Clinton may have believed it, (or was just stupid enough to believe inaccurate intelligence). All the Repubs may have believed it. But the millions who protested, round the world, for months before the invasion didn’t believe it, mainly because it seemed ever so convenient that right after 9/11 Bush came to the miraculous conclusion that Iraq was such an imminent threat and needed to be invaded immediately. Not a peep out of him before 9/11 though.

No one I know believed it. We all thought it was to avenge his father, whom Saddam allegedly threatened to kill. I’m not sure if I’ve stopped believing that yet, but, moving on…

The issue about Saddam Hussein being such a horrible mass murderer, killer of his people, etc, didn’t seem to be as much of an problem for Bush’s daddy, G.H.W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan during the time he was actually gassing the Kurds, in 1983. The video of Donald Rumsfeld visiting and shaking hands with Saddam in 1983 is HERE Yes, this video was taken when we were supplying weapons to Saddam, which is the exact time he was actually gassing the Kurds. Seems like brutally killing your own people was not such a problem at the time, ay?

Most people I knew said the same thing: Saddam, badass that he was, at least kept the Middle East in check. Iran was not the powerhouse they are today because Saddam crushed them during their war. Libya, Syria and Yemen were not nearly so powerful when Saddam was in power, since he had the 4th largest army in the world and the largest, by far, in the Middle East. It was the invasion of Iraq, and subsequent imbecilic disbanding of their army by Paul Brenner (Bush’s man in Iraq), which caused an enormous power vacuum, creating what was then known at the Insurgency, which was made up of the officers of the Iraqi army, who revolted against the regime that Bush had put into place. That group of people, those exact people, are now senior members of ISIS. That, my friends, is where ISIS came from, and no place else.

Remember John McCain running around the country telling anyone who’d listen that “the surge worked”. He was referring to the military surge that he championed and which drove the insurgency out of Iraq, mainly into Syria, where they formed ISIS. (The meaning of the letters of ISIS are Islamic State In Syria).

Yes, the current ISIS threat which Repubs are desperately trying to blame on Obama for pulling out of Iraq too early was formed by those military leaders who were fired by Paul Brenner and run out of Iraq by John McCain’s “surge”. That was the genesis of ISIS.

Folks, don’t let the Repubs selective memories persuade you differently. Remember how the country and the world reacted to our invasion of Iraq and how horribly botched it was. Remember the world-wide protests, the Million Fist March in Washington. Remember that we lost over 4000 soldiers and $2 Trillion, turning the surplus economy that Bush inherited into the worst recession in 50 years and two wars that he left for the next President to figure out.

Remember the bumbling Vice President who, to this day, denies that he said Saddam definitely had WMD, even when confronted with the video tape of him saying exactly that. Here is a very enlightening video that I’m sure not a single Repub will watch.

Don’t let them distort the truth. Don’t let this horrible, horrible family and their advisors take back the Whitehouse and put us back in the same ditch we’ve spent the last seven years digging out of. Don’t vote for anyone, Repub or Democrat, who doesn’t have the courage to say that Iraq was one of the biggest foreign-policy mistakes in the history of the country, and that, if he could do it over, would not.

They are relying on our stupidity being as profound as theirs. Please don’t make that true.


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