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The Courage of Liberals

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From Websters: (with no embellishment on my part)

Believing in the value of established and traditional practices in politics and society: relating to or supporting political conservatism. Not liking or accepting changes or new ideas.

Believing that government should be active in supporting social and political change: relating to or supporting political liberalism. Not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted.

When it comes to opinions about current affairs, it would benefit those who expound the loudest to consider one thing:

If your opinions for or against something benefit you directly, then you aren’t courageous or insightful. You’re selfish, self-centered and cowardly. You don’t care about others and consider your own needs before those of others. For example:

If you’re a gun owner and you’re pro-gun, that’s not a courageous stance. It’s transparently self-serving.

If you’re straight and make anti-gay comments, that’s benefitting no one but yourself. It doesn’t make you a tough guy.

If you’re white and are constantly harping about all the bad things that blacks do, you’re being banal and predictable, not “politically incorrect”, insightful or smart.

If you’re a man and you think, in your heart of hearts without ever saying so, that women aren’t as smart as you, or that men haven’t oppressed them for centuries, that’s not a carefully thought out belief, that’s just you being a self-important idiot.

If you’re a Christian and think that your so-called religious freedom entitles you to tell others how to live, you are truly lacking in the gift of original thought and apparently think that you are positioned at the top of the morality food chain.

It takes no brains whatsoever to try to protect your own side. It takes no healthy objectivity to believe that your way of doing things is the best way. That’s what morons and farm animals do. Doltish lack of introspection leading to self-preservation is the default position of anything that has the capacity to breath.

If your opinions benefit someone other than yourself, you can call yourself patriotic, courageous and willing to buck the trend. If you’re willing to consider someone’s feelings other than those of yourself, you’re someone who will be remembered for having the nerve to stand up to those whose entire purpose in life is to maintain the status quo, regardless the cost to their fellow human beings.

By definition, Conservatives.


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