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Climate Change. OK, Let’s Say It’s All Fake…

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I’m not going to try to convince you that climate change is real. Nope, if you haven’t figured it out by now, even after the Pentagon released their extensive plan to avoid it interfering with their future operations, then nothing I say is going to convince you otherwise. But I’m going to ask some questions that I’m hoping will make you question why it would be so bad to acknowledge that climate change is in fact true. Follow me for a minute here and let’s discuss.

If climate change is real, and we act to stop contributing to it, here is what will happen, regarding our economic well-being, in the near future:

1. We will discover, and utilize, newer more renewable sources of energy. Is this good or bad?

2. We will create new industries where none existed before, creating jobs and new forms of wealth. Good or bad?

3. We will have cleaner air. I’m not going to argue how much cleaner or how much of an impact it will have on climate change, but can anyone argue that the DON’T want cleaner air? Good or bad?

4. We will lessen, and or eliminate, our dependence on foreign sources of oil, for which we mollycoddle the Arabs, causing disruptions to our friendship with Israel and causing us to appease other oil suppliers such as Venezuela and Nigeria oppress their people through dictatorships. Good thing or bad?

5. We can offer to sell our energy to other countries which are currently dependent on Russia and other countries to sell them oil and natural gas, thereby increasing exports to these countries, which improves our balance of trade and assists them in reducing pollution. Good thing or bad?

Forget climate change for a minute. Let’s just say that ending our use of fossil fuels will simply improve our economy and allow us to rule the world economically. With our financial resources, our ability to innovate, and the fact that we are the largest consumers of energy in the world, we could dominate the world supply of renewable energy, much as Saudi Arabia has dominated the supply of oil and Russia has dominated the supply of coal.

I’m not asking you to believe the US Geological survey’s photographs of melting glaciers. I’m not asking you to believe NASA’s graphs that show huge increases in global temperatures in the last 100, 50, 20 and 10 years. I’m not asking you to believe in anything. I’m asking what you believe to be the downside to the world if we act as if it’s all true.

I’m listening…


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