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A Run-On Sentence About Racism

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This is meant for some of my white brethren, those unevolved types who swaddle themselves in their antediluvian concepts of race relations, revealing their banality by pointing to the most insignificant of racial transgressions on the part of those not of their color, proclaiming “hallelujah, I knew it!”, and breathing an audible, collective sigh of relief whenever given the most trivial of opportunities to say “Aha! A black person said something that if I suspend disbelief and stretch credulity to its earthly limits, might just possibly be considered racist!”

My message is: No one of any genuine intelligence thinks that you really believe what you say. You’re making yourself look foolish and desperate to deny that which is in evidence all around you. Stop making excuses and admit that racism by whites against blacks is alive and well. Stop stamping your feet like a 3-year-old yelling “they do it too, they do it too”!

Stop quoting long-dispelled crime statistics which prove the opposite of what you think they do. Your self-satisfaction at having repeated what you apparently think is an original thought is as evident as that of a grade-schooler who has tied his shoes for the first time, as if he’s the first to have ever done so. You’re spouting old news that’s been disproven time and again. The sound of millions of slightly more educated people rolling their eyes at your ersatz revelation is not terribly loud-you need to listen to hear it.

Don’t worry-you won’t be blamed for being the cause of racism. It’s been around for quite a while and no one thinks it is your fault. They’re just asking you to understand it and avoid any contribution to it. And by admitting that it’s a problem we all need to address, you’ll look less like a Neanderthal and more like a thinking, caring individual. And it won’t cost you a thing! Now would that be so bad?


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