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Thanks to all my friends

Twitter Updates

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My decision to stop posting directly to FaceBook and go back to my regular article on my WordPress blog has been met with over 300 private FB messages and emails, virtually all of which have been filled with “attaboys”. Some have admonished me with a strongly worded “I told you so”, from those who warned me of the great intellectual wasteland I’d find there. Mea Culpa, my friends. Mea Culpa.

For the future, I’ll allow these columns to post to FaceBook automatically for those fans who prefer it, but I’ll no longer engage those who believe that the ability to form an opinion is the same as an informed opinion. I tried, but I just can’t continue to try to elevate those who believe themselves to be intellectual skyscrapers yet whose true intellect doesn’t go past the first floor.

I’ll reserve any responses for those who, by their words, appear to have actually read some books or had some formal education on the subject about which they speak, preferably not just those which agree with their biases, and those who have to courage to keep their minds open to new ideas, and admit when they’re learned something new.

I won’t engage with those who must communicate by reposting memes, in lieu of forming original thoughts of their own. I will also disengage from the practice of posting links to articles which vaguely make some kind of ostensibly salient point. I will interpret what I read and type my own words, one word at a time, as I’ve done in the past.

This, I’m sorry to say, will, by definition, alienate many Fox “News” watchers, as I just don’t have the energy to continually repeat what most thinking people learned when they were still in grade school. I will go back to my old practice of listing attributions and citations when needed, in an effort to show others just from where my opinions have been derived.

To my approximately 5000 followers on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook, thanks for your patience during this failed Face Book experiment. I’ll try to be equally as current and nontrivial as I’ve been in the past, and keep the level of commentary equally as far out of the slimier parts of the internet.

My first comments in the coming days (or earlier if I get the chance) will be regarding racism. I will post some other excerpts from my new book on the same subject, since the last time I did it was met quite favorably.



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